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“Success isn’t the absence of failure, but going from failure to failure without any loss of enthusiasm!”

This thought has been attributed to Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, and others who’ve shared a common lot in life: Each experienced lots of failure! And each emerged with what is surely considered cumulative success in their hard-fought endeavors.

The August September 2018 issue of The Arizona Beehive is the sixth that I have published since acquiring the publication from The Taylor Family. We print six issues a year, so this issue represents one year of successful ownership and hard-fought endeavor.

Time has flown by and our team has learned a lot. We are engaging in our community, attending events, interacting on social media, and featuring our stories and advertisers on “the Gram.” We offer a digital version on the Issuu app, that can be flipped page-by-page like a paper edition. And at the same time, we have expanded our distribution locations and number of issues printed because in this digital world, there is something satisfying and “retro” about holding a copy and reading from big pages of print and color.

The purpose of this magazine (yes, I called it a magazine!) remains to support and serve our local Latter-day Saints, with love. I love a career that allows me to focus on all things Latter-day Saint, and to be a working part of a growing, dynamic, thriving community that seeks to enrich our world in a Christ-like manner.

Not that learning experiences have not been made along the way!

In his April 2018 General Conference talk “Until Seventy Times Seven,” Elder Lynn G. Robbins spoke about success and failure. There have been times this past year where I have felt opposition that seemed “insurmountable and almost impossible to bear,” but as Elder Robbins explains, to such opposition, “He doesn’t leave us without hope. To keep our hope resilient as we face life’s trials, the Savior’s grace is ever ready and ever present.”

I pray daily for heavenly guidance and blessings as our team works to create each issue.  And to shine a light on our publication as we enthusiastically highlight the excitement surrounding and within our community. Thank you for being a part of The Arizona Beehive!

The Beehive

The Arizona Beehive is a complementary East Phoenix Valley LDS lifestyle and living publication, published six times a year, featuring content on people to meet, places to explore, events to attend and businesses to patronize.

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