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Namesake – Arizona Author Kate Stradling Releases Intriguing Novel

Author photo of Kate Stradling, courtesy of Kristen Ellsworth

Author photo of Kate Stradling, courtesy of Kristen Ellsworth

Local LDS author Kate Stradling’s new book Namesake is an exciting and insightful read. The back of the book summary follows:

Who needs magic in an age of electricity? I can flip the switch on the wall with the best of them.

Anjeni Sigourna bears the name of a legendary goddess, but her resemblance to that honored figure ends there. Eighteen and jaded, she has cultivated sarcasm instead of the elusive magic everyone expects her to possess. Such mystic power lacks purpose in her modern world.”

But when an adverse encounter with the Eternity Gate lands her in an alien realm, magic marks the boundary between life and certain death. Anjeni alone holds the keys to saving an ancient people from a savage enemy. Her bitterness notwithstanding, she must now create a legend instead of living in its shadow.”

The book consists of life and death adventures and holds many coming of age lessons as a young lady discovers her individual talents and her purpose in life. The characters are well developed and come to life on the pages.

Cover of Namesake, courtesy of Eulalia Skye Press

Cover of Namesake, courtesy of Eulalia Skye Press

Namesake has received gushing reviews.

“It has all the makings of a major motion picture,” said an early reader of the book, Verlayne Richardson of Mesa.

Author Kate Stradling admits the plot, subplots, twists and turns, along with magic, two time zones and an ancient legend, was a complicated novel to write. She shared the tale with friends and fellow writers early on in creation process and received a great amount of enthusiasm and encouragement to finish the story.

Stradling says a second book, this time about Anjeni’s sister, Aitana, is in the works. This is good news for readers of Namesake.

Namesake is available on Amazon:

For more information, see the author’s website,

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