My Church: Service Is A Way of Life For Frank Lambert

Starting at a young age, Frank Lambert grew up learning to work and serve. “I grew up on a farm,” says Frank, “so we were taught very early on not to be afraid of hard work.” Frank also grew up with an identical twin brother, Fred. When you ask him what it’s like to be a twin, he says he doesn’t know any other way to be. “There was always someone to rely on and confide in, there was always someone to support you,” says Frank. “It was always a push and pull kind of thing, with us, like ‘come help me do this’ or ‘you need to do that, let me help you.’”

Frank Lambert helping out with clean-up. Photo courtesy of Robert Ogden

Frank Lambert helping out with clean-up. Photo courtesy of Robert Ogden

While on his mission in Spain, he witnessed more examples of service. One companion did not seem to be exceptional at first, or a very good speaker, but he was a doer and an example of service.  As they tracked, Frank saw that his companion would take out a pad of paper and write down that a door at someone’s home needed painting or that a yard needed to be cleaned up. Then, on their preparation day, they would go back and serve by painting or helping clean up the area for them. The people were grateful and amazed. His companion continued to baptize and often had the highest conversion rate in the mission; this selfless service was a key to their success in their mission.

“I’ve tried to incorporate that philosophy into my own life,” says Frank. “The other day, I noticed that my neighbors’ gate was not hanging right, and I said, ‘Hey, we’re just going to come over and fix your gate for you, if that’s okay.’”

Frank and his wife, Lisa, who teaches school in Gilbert, serve in the Mesquite Ward, Gilbert Stake. Their whole family were raised to be helpers and of service in society. He says his family taught the children that whenever they felt down in the doldrums, the best way to get out of it was to help and serve someone else.

“That’s one of the reasons we got into the funeral home business,” says Frank, “because my wife and I wanted to be of service to others, especially in those difficult times.”

Three of the Lamberts’ children have served missions; their sons, Lee and Scott, served missions to Singapore and Brazil, respectively, and their daughter, Holly, is currently serving her mission in the Houston, Texas, area.

“I’m grateful for their example,” says family friend Warren LeSueur, “His entire family are the first to give service and also moral support to anyone in need, regardless of religious affiliation, whether it’s moving, yard cleanup, or being a friend and giving needed advice. I once told him I needed help at the car lot. Proudly, I said we would just make it work, but Frank and Scott came to help us anyway. He helped us out on a very busy day, when we were without enough workers.  I admire how they selflessly give to friends and the community.”

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