K Couture Offers Unique, Affordable, Customizable Dresses And Menswear. Photo Courtesy Of Laura Smith

K Couture Reduces Wrinkles at Weddings by Offering High Quality, Affordable Fashion

K Couture offers unique, affordable, customizable dresses and menswear. Photo Courtesy of Laura Smith

K Couture offers unique, affordable, customizable dresses and menswear. Photo Courtesy of Laura Smith

In some ways, weddings are like Thanksgiving dinner: so much effort and decision-making goes into a memorable moment that passes by all too quickly. K Couture, an Arizona company, has found a way to help. The company boasts a unique, affordable and customizable collection of bridesmaids dresses and menswear for rental and purchase. They have been offering high-quality products to customers nationwide via their website for 3 years, and the word is getting around.

Kayla Lowery, creator of K Couture, grew up in the fashion industry. Her father started a national formalwear company, Formal Fashions, which clothes participants of the Millennial Choirs and Orchestras. The idea for K Couture began with Kayla’s wedding. Each bridesmaid had different needs, and finding something that worked for all was a challenge. Kayla recognized a possible niche for a company that could offer modest, traditional bridesmaid dresses. The company is committed to expanding their collection of high-quality fabrics.

Laura Smith, who has been with the company from the onset, is amazed by the growth of the business. She says, “We find that word of mouth has been huge.  A friend might be in a wedding and use K Couture and love the concept and then maybe she gets engaged or her sister gets engaged.  The price is right, we are stylish [and] conservative, offer a range of styles, sleeves, necklines, waist trims, lengths, colors, fabrics, size and quick turnaround times.  All of these components set us apart.”

Awarded The Knot 2016 pick of Best of Wedding in the Bridesmaids Dress Category, this local online company is drawing national attention. So what makes K Couture a great option? There are many reasons. First, K Couture offers made-to-order dresses and they have attire for the entire wedding party.

Since ordering online without seeing for yourself can be a daunting decision, K Couture offers free swatches of the material so you can touch, feel and match the fabric before you purchase. Dresses are not only made in the USA, they are made right here in Arizona!

K Couture offers flexibility with style and size. The company’s philosophy is, “One size fits all is not a part of our vocabulary.” Additional sizes are available. Better yet, K Couture’s collections are affordable. Dresses start at $85 and full menswear packages start at $99. With stylists, production, sewing and customer service working in the same building in Tempe, K Couture can offer a quick turnaround. They deliver anywhere in the continental U.S. in less than 8 weeks and sometimes sooner. All orders include free shipping to the continental United States.

When the day comes that your son or daughter comes home with the big news, keep K Couture in mind. For information, visit www.kcouture.com.

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