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Espionage, Romance and Dream Walking


When you’re a spy with special abilities, you do what you must to save the ones you love. Tainted Lies, by Arizona author Leona Nation, catapults readers into a wild adventure of flames, bullets, a covert branch of the CIA, photographic memories, a bantering romance, and the ability to dream into another’s reality.

Nation, inspired by her own dreams, says, “I have such vivid and strange dreams where I feel as if I’m literally in someone else’s reality. How cool to really go into someone else’s reality. I also had plans to write an espionage story, so I decided to combine the two ideas.”

The story begins with Jade Sato, a field agent. She and her unit use their dream/reality abilities to destroy criminal organizations.

“I want to write strong female characters! I was raised by them and think it’s important for our youth to read about them,” says Nation.

Author Leona Nation

Author Leona Nation

When leaders in Jade’s own organization turn up dead, chaos abounds. No one is safe from assassins. Jade must tackle all the twists and turns, putting her own life is in danger. Along her dangerous journey she meets Brooks, someone who should be out of bounds as a friend. Sparks fly, and respect begins to bridge the impossible.

I lower the lights and turn on the monitor above the bed. Slipping under the silk sheets, I welcome the soft mattress with a sigh of exhaustion. I’m more than ready for the day to end. I stare at the picture of my target….We need a visual to enter the Dream Walk so we can go straight to the target and not wander the endless Dream World aimlessly. Every time I dream walk, I risk never coming back.

Nation claims that her favorite line of the book is “The End.”

“But really, it’s my favorite line in all my books. It means I conquered what at times felt impossible. I overcame obstacles such as self-doubt and fear. I feel on top of the world when I type those two amazing. powerful words.”

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