Earthly Color Pallets: Natural and Neutral Beauty

Celebrate your natural beauty! Photo by:

Celebrate your natural beauty!
Photo by:

Fall and winter come with earthy color pallets that influence seasonal decorating, fashion, and beauty. Keeping your look natural and neutral sends an empowering message about embracing humanity and celebrating the organically beautiful aspects of our bodies. Makeup, nail polish, and other fashion trends are fun, but now and then it can be valuable for you to celebrate the naturally glorious things about yourself.

Focusing on enhancing the neutral and natural tones of our bodies looks seasonal and can also help us feel more confident with our natural looks. This season, try something new! Here are a few ways to emphasize, enhance, and embrace your naturally beautiful self.

Lips and Skin: If you rarely or never wear foundation or color on your face, moisturizer with a translucent powder finish is a more natural way to dress up your neutral look. If you feel that you want slightly more coverage, tinted moisturizers allow for some color correction while still maintaining your natural skin tone. To help your natural lip color pop and stand out against your skin tone, using a toothbrush and warm water to help shed some dying skin layers does the trick. Lightly brushing your lips with a toothbrush and warm water takes off layers and reveals the fresh, natural color of your lips.

Eyes: I have thin and translucent skin, so I rarely go without eyeshadow to add a more solid base color to my eyelids. Natural pallets of eyeshadow depend on your skin tone, but they can give you a natural look as well as some of the coverage or dressed-up look you want. For light skin tones, pink and light tan colors work well. For tan skin tones, darker nude or light brown colors allow for great blending. Dark skin tones can pull off a natural look as well with gold or darker brown eyeshadow colors.

Nails: Some people dislike how nails look without polish, and others never take the time to keep up with their nail color. To enhance natural nails, a clear coat can be worn with no color on top. Clear matte or shine polishes enhance the natural nails and provide a finished and put-together look. For those who are die-hard nail polish appliers, polishes that match, or are close to, your skin tone provide a more natural and subtle look.

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