Joy In Service: Mesa Public Schools Board President Elaine Miner Encourages A Focus On Children

Serving on the school board for Arizona’s largest school district is a huge responsibility, but it’s one Elaine Miner relishes, even after more than 20 years since she was first elected, and one the now-president of the Mesa Public School (MPS) Board would like to see more people enjoy.

Children of Peace: A Celebration of Jewish Ancestry

Many converts to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints come from a variety of  religious backgrounds.  One such religion is Judaism. These converted Jews to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have a special understanding of Jewish culture and even some Jewish history, depending on which sect they were from. Those from either Orthodox, Conservative (not to be confused with the political view) or Reform sects come with different backgrounds and ideals, but the one ideal they have in common is their testimony of the Savior, Jesus Christ, who is the Messiah.

The New Food Storage : Tastier Than Your Mom’s Pinto Bean Fudge and a Glass of Powdered Milk!

“You’ve heard it countless times. ‘Get your food storage.’ But if you’re just starting out, there’s a problem with that advice…where do you start? It’s like most elephant-sized problems—you conquer them one bite at a time! The real problem is, most people don’t understand what they’re really prepping for, so they waste a lot of time, energy and money haphazardly buying and storing an emergency food supply,” says Crystal Godfrey.

Cubs Fan, Insurance Man: Javier Bravo And Howard Farkash Field Mesa Insurance Company

What are two Cubs fans from Chicago doing living in Mesa, Arizona? They are sharing their love of helping people with insurance needs.

So, You Want To Be A Writer? Join American Night Writers Association!

Dreaming of writing a book, but no idea where to start? American Night Writers Association (ANWA) is a writer’s organization for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, both male and female, adult and youth.

Good Companions: Pete’s Fish & Chips Celebrates 72 Years!

Peter Grant, Jr., founder of Pete’s Fish & Chips, left a legacy of a family owned and operated business for 72 years running.

A Higher Revelation: The Pay it Forward Band: Musicians On A Mission Coming To Arizona

Classical composer Ludwig Von Beethoven said, “Music is…a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy.” Music has a huge impact on emotions, thoughts and even relationships. Music brings people together. It unites us. It inspires us. It touches us. Regardless of age, ethnicity or gender, everyone in the world feels the power of inspiring music.

Get Ready for Pie Season!

School has begun, leaves have started to change, and the temperature is dropping into the 90’s. Fall is here! With fall comes a new baking season and time to start prepping for my favorite desserts. I am a sucker for cherries. As soon as I see them in the summer I start collecting and eating—no cherry is beneath my notice. I found cherries in Arizona, in Utah, in Wyoming, in Montana and in California. I even had my sister-in-law bring me Rainier cherries from Washington!

Fall Feasting: Adding Color To Your Fall Meals!

It is time to work vegetables into dinner! Thankfully, the fall season brings unending recipes involving vegetables that are typically ignored throughout other seasons. Things have cooled down, and although it may not look like fall in the Valley, the festive aura can be felt in the kitchen. This is a great opportunity for finding ways to work in hidden vegetables that can be masked by a big, bold flavor. If you can dice, mince, or use a food processor, some of the normally distasteful vegetables blend right in.

Utilizing The Divine Gift Of Written Language

The Lord Jesus Christ has not only given us His own words to read in Holy Scripture, but has shared with us the ability to write!

Renowned scientist Galileo Galilei marveled at mankind’s “stupendous invention” of being able to write one’s thoughts, remarking, “And with no greater difficulty than the various arrangement of two dozen little signs upon paper?”