Dedication Times Three

This year, I’ve had a unique opportunity—one that will most likely not happen again in my lifetime. I’ve attended the dedicatory services of three temples. Three. In a year.

In the Mommy Zone column

A few short weeks ago, we made quite a special trip. I was nervous as I dressed in my Sunday best for the extraordinary occasion. My stomach flip-flopped as we traveled, my anxiety transforming into undeniable excitement.


Our kids are growing up in a different world. Really, really different. If they follow the Lord and His prophets, they don’t fit in with most of their peers. It’s a tough one for them since the adolescent years are known to be peer driven.

The Gould Group Brings Expertise and Experience in an Ever Changing Market

The Gould Group, award-winning realtors, includes the dynamic mother-daughter team of Penny Gould and Shannon Vowles. Their business is largely driven by referrals, a testament to the value they bring their clients.

Family Allergy Clinic Has High Success Rates with No-Shots Allergy Treatment

Growing up on an Idaho farm, Dr. Stuart Agren suffered miserably with hay fever. When he opened the Family Allergy Clinic in Mesa in the mid-1980s, he wanted to go beyond the status quo.

DownEast Outfitters Offers Appealing Styles at Appealing Prices

With a great idea and business model that worked well for them as students at Brigham Young University, brothers William, Charles and Jonathon Freedman went from selling name brand clothing out of the back of their cars…

Castle Floors Serving the Valley for 30 years

Castle Floors has long been an icon in the east valley. Owned by Dean and Peggy Merrell of the Century Garden Ward in the Mesa Kimball East Stake, Castle Floors specializes in carpet sales and installation…

Phoenix Arizona Temple Dedicated to the Lord

Arizona Latter-day Saints joined in a sacred event of praise and celebration, reverently watching from locations across the state as the Phoenix Arizona Temple was dedicated in three sessions Sunday, November 16, 2014…

President Monson Dedicates Phoenix Temple and Presides Over Cultural Celebration

President Thomas S. Monson directed the cornerstone ceremony and dedicated the Phoenix Temple in the first session Sunday, November 16 and presided over the cultural celebration Saturday, November 15.

For the 35th year, Mesa Arizona Temple Light Display Celebrates the Birth of Christ

Thirty-five years ago, the Mesa Temple grounds were decorated for the Christmas season for the first time, with 5,000 blue lights placed in the trees.