What’s The Buzz?

Inspired musings since we last talked… Changes in the Church? I saw quite a few memes on social media prior to General Conference anticipating another load of “get your popcorn” new Church changes to be announced during the weekend. Many…

Show Your Light: Service Mission Changes in Arizona

Church leadership announced a change to the missionary department in January of this year, unifying the application process for both Church-service missions and proselyting missions. Applicants are first considered for proselyting missions, and those who have needs that require they serve at home will be called to Church-service missions. Up to this announcement, most prospective missionaries never considered a Church-service assignment. Service missions are an inspired opportunity that benefits communities and the missionaries who serve them.

Song Appeal: Why Do We Like The Music We Like?

Hunter Farris has been interested in music for most of his life.A native of Gilbert, Arizona, from the Calendar Vista Stake, Farris learned guitar at 14 and started playing the organ at 17. Farris has also sung in choirs for years, including Highland High School’s Concert Choir. It was there he received his introduction to music theory—and from there, SongAppeal, a podcast which analyzes why listeners like the music they do, was born.

A Picture Is Worth A Lifetime, Plus One Hundred Years: Forever Online Photo Storage

To the casual observer Kim Hicks appears to be just like any other person, but this Senior Lead Ambassador has a passion for helping others preserve their family’s history.  Her website, www.foreverkimhicks.com, is ready to help people from all walks of life to digitally record and store their memories for, “a lifetime, plus a hundred years guaranteed.” With over 25 years of experience, Hicks knows about the preservation of beloved family memories.

Believe. Love. Do. LDS Sister Supervises Catholic Charities’ Juniper House Programs

Recently, Sister Camie Rasband, member of the Lake Mary Ward in the Flagstaff Arizona West Stake and Program Supervisor of Catholic Charities’ Juniper House in Flagstaff, sat down for an interview with The Catholic Sun – the official newspaper of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix. With The Catholic Sun’s permission and encouragement, we present their interview here.

Cruisin’ Up And Down The Road: MikesAutoShack.com Delivers Service, Quality

Car shopping: according to a 2014 Car Week survey by Edmunds.com, it’s more stressful than getting married. But purchasing a new vehicle doesn’t have to be a hassle. Mike Hallewell of MikesAutoShack.com can take some of the anxiety out of auto buying. He’s been doing what he loves since 1998 and is happy to make the car buying process as easy as possible for his clients.

Tickling The Ivories: Motivate The Musician In Your Life With Piano Marvel

Have you always wanted to play piano but never really got beyond plunking out “Chopsticks”? You’re not alone—and Piano Marvel can help you with everything from “Chopsticks” to Chopin.Piano Marvel’s education software, created by piano teachers specifically for piano students, helps students of all ages achieve their musical goals. Piano Marvel’s inventive technology allows students to learn at their own pace or with a teacher. The marriage of technology and accountability gives students instant feedback and tracks progress; it also provides video tutorials and an ever-expanding library of exercises and songs to increase student engagement.

Ye Shall Prosper in The Land—God’s Laws and Promised Blessings

About 15 years ago, having already helped clients for 20 years, I discovered an uncommon strategy for helping people get out of debt. What began as notes of thoughts during down times and air travel began to form the foundation of a manuscript. It was initially going to be a financial planning book for the masses. Over time, as I listened to General Conference talks about using money wisely and read the scriptures, I would think to myself, That is a good thought and should be in my book. My notes evolved into a book that combines practical financial planning advice with the teachings of the gospel, primarily geared toward members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Medically Self Reliant In Our Retired Years

Most Americans would tie self reliance to finances, saying it means they have jobs where they can earn enough to meet monthly bills, and where there is money tucked away for unexpected expenses so they can survive challenging health or financial stress if necessary. For some it means their major assets are protected no matter what happens. Sometimes being self-reliant means identifying and asking for help from knowledgeable people who can help us make smart, informed choices. Whatever self-reliance means to you, identifying the key elements of it will help you find the assurance you’re looking for. One of those elements is adequate health insurance.

Holy Of Holies: Life-sized Replica Of The Tabernacle of Moses Complete With Olive Press Create An Extraordinary Youth Conference

A full-scale replica of the Tabernacle of Moses, including the golden Ark of the Covenant, just made its first appearance in Arizona.General contractor Ed Hoke of the Huntington Beach California Stake was asked by his stake presidency to study the Lord’s description in Exodus detailing how Moses was to build the Tabernacle, then build a replica for their 2016 youth conference. The task took approximately eight months.