“Saturday’s Warrior” Returns with a Bigger, Better 40th Anniversary Production

Dozens of chorus and cast members, musicians, dancers, set designers and crew, from across the Phoenix metro area, have spent many months in rehearsals and working behind the scenes,…

Blessed by the tender—and the more tremendous—mercies of the Lord

Tender mercies of the Lord. Mentioned nearly a dozen times in the Psalms and known to Nephi, who referred to the “multitude of his tender mercies,” the phrase has frequented modern-day LDS vernacular since Elder David A. Bednar’s April 2005 General Conference address.

Tips for Teaching and Speaking in Church

We Mormons tend to be a casual bunch, which, I’m guessing, is linked to the fact that our church is also our social world. Thus, it can be tough to speak or teach one another in a credible way. Sometimes, we forget where to divide casual from respectful and appropriate.

A Unique Assisted Living Alternative, LDS-owned Avista Senior Living Offers a Caring “Vista”

Approximately three years ago, Mesa-based Avista Senior Living, was launched by Kris Woolley of the Hermosa Vista Ward in the Hermosa Vista Stake. Since that time, Avista has acquired and operates two assisted living communities…

Horne Kia in Gilbert Continues Reputation for Quality Products and Service

Horne Auto Group has a reputation across the state for upright business practices and ethics; and that 100-year tradition continues with more-than-ample evidence in their newest enterprise…

LDS Father Finds Help for Mood Disorders, ADHD, Anxiety and Depression

When depression, anxiety and bipolar disease wreaked havoc in his family, Tony Stephan, a Canadian father and Latter-day Saint, desperately sought answers.

Technologically Advanced Hearing Aids: Founded by a Father’s Promise to his Daughter

Sam Thomasson, of the Higley Groves Ward, Highland West Stake, has witnessed firsthand the many problems with today’s hearing aids. His daughter, Kate, is profoundly hearing impaired.

Soon to be 90, Anna Arnett Publishes Her Second Book

Anna Laurene Lilenquist Arnett will mark two important milestones this year. She celebrates the release of her second book, Just a Woman, a collection of poems and comments; and, later this year, she will turn 90.

At 91, Helen Schlie Closes One Chapter and Begins Yet Another

Helen Spencer Schlie, of the Udall Ward, Mesa Stake, closed her Old and Rare Bookstore in March, just a few months before her 91st birthday. Yet, Helen is not “retiring.”

Multiple sclerosis diagnosis helps mom of five define “The Essence of a Mother.”

As a young mother of five children, Arizona native, Julie Jensen, thought she had a pretty clear idea of what it meant to be a “good mother.” “I thought it was all about having a clean house, carpooling kids…