Local Artist Creates “Mesa” Mural for A New Leaf

A unique, one-of-a-kind mural of the city of Mesa was recently donated to the A New Leaf foundation on behalf of the Lakeview Trails Ward, Highland East Stake. Even more unique, though, is the story of how it came to be.

Six Young Members of The Church Write a Teen Self-Help Book

It is tradition to set goals for the new year. We’ll Seek the Lord Early is an insightful self-help book written with teens for teens to help them do just that.

Six young members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints participated in the creation of this book, now available on Amazon.

Family History: Important for Your Health

Family history work turns spiritual hearts to fathers and creates eternal bonds as temple and sealing ordinances for ancestors are performed. This great work can also have health benefits for our physical hearts, and the rest of our bodies, as we learn our family medical histories.

The Sirrine Family: George Sirrine: One of Mesa’s Founding Fathers

George Sirrine (pronounced sir-rhine) is considered one of four “founding fathers” of Mesa, memorialized in a statue in Pioneer Park. Born in Putnam County, New York, on December 6, 1818, to Isaac Sirrine and Sarah Garrison, George showed promise in his unique aptitude with machinery. By sixteen, his father had given him full responsibility of their family mill.

Making the Sabbath Even More Delightfully Restful with an Extra Hour

Since the Sabbath includes resting from some typical daily tasks, the professional baker might welcome time for editing photos; the photographer might welcome time for baking cupcakes. What is delightfully restful for each member of your family? How can you all get the most out of the Sabbath—especially now with our new 2-hour church block?

Just Serve: Helping Hand for Relief & Development Appreciates Volunteers From JustServe.org

In over 50 countries, the non-profit humanitarian organization Helping Hand for Relief and Development (HHRD) is at work supporting orphans, refugees and disaster victims, and building water wells to benefit entire communities.

Gul Siddiqi, a Muslim native of India and an Arizona resident for 20 years, directs the work of HHRD in Arizona, Utah and New Mexico. While talking to managers of other organizations, she discovered that they attract volunteers through JustServe.org, a website provided by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Pre-Mission Health and Fitness

With the recent expansion of the missionary program, not all missionaries will be expected to meet the physical demands of a full-time proselyting mission. Rely on the support and advice of medical professionals. Review with your doctor what can be done to improve diet, build strength, and increase stamina until your call is received and after your report date.

What’s The Buzz?

Whilst perusing the innerwebs during a recent December day, I stumbled upon a meme that showed an interminable number of people with the caption THE GYM, TWO WEEKS FROM TODAY…

Have you seen Norman Mouse?

Have you seen Norman Mouse, his Mama and Papa and little sister, Emily? They are a typical LDS family facing typical family issues. Norman is a featured guest in The Arizona Beehive. We hope you will grow to love Norman as we have.

Financially Thriving: Apply These Three Habits To Develop Healthy Finances

One of the most precious gifts we have been given is the gift of agency. Besides being a gift, it is also a responsibility. As you take your agency and apply it to the following simple yet powerful principles, you will not only be financially healthy, but will be financially thriving.