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When asked what makes Endeavor Senior In-Home Care different from other caregiving companies, Dave Rogers, the CEO and founder of the company, points to a picture of Christ comforting Mary and Martha at their brother Lazarus’ death, and states, “Service is its own reward. We strive to follow his example.”

Dave and his wife Nancy founded the company in 2015 after having the experience of having given care themselves to close family members.

“Until you understand that ache in your heart,” Dave said in regards to experiencing loss, “it’s hard to be that effective caregiver.”

Endeavor Senior In-Home Care Val Vista Location Reception.

Endeavor Senior In-Home Care Val Vista Location Reception.

Endeavor Senior In-Home Care provides multiple services, including Alzheimer’s/Dementia, Parkinson’s, Senior Companion Care, Post-Surgery, Physical Disability Support, and VA aid for veterans. They also take the time to help potential clients better understand how to assist loved ones who may need in-home care services and when the time is right to incorporate those services. Visitors may even leave with a batch of homemade cookies given in appreciation of their interest in learning more.

The company, however, is glad to go that extra mile in providing educational opportunities to people on the subject of dementia and Alzheimer’s, a disease that ranks number fourth among leading causes of death in the state of Arizona. This education is promoted by the company’s partnership with Dementia Care Education, headed by Dr. Brian Browne, who also works as Director of Education and Outreach at Banner Research.

In speaking with Dave and other employees, it’s clear they have a sincere care for those who need both assistance and companionship on a physical and social level. Employees are compassionate, whether in aiding with patients’ acute health issues or just joining them in a game of cards, and all caregivers are highly trained. Endeavor caregivers are Certified Home Health Aids or CNAs (Certified Nurse Assistant), many having previous experience. Most have a personal understanding of the needs and worries of those they provide care for. For those who are not certified but still interested, training is gladly provided by the company.

Dave and Nancy have a desire to find more ways to assist and serve other people. One way is to expand their business across the state with the goal of moving from two locations to seven.

It’s clear that the team behind Endeavor see it as more of a service to others then simply a business opportunity. For them, it’s another way of expressing their Christ-like love.

Story by Parker Sappington, The Arizona Beehive

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