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You’ve Heard There’s An Afterlife. See for Your Self!

Author photo, courtesy of Mark Hawkins

Author photo, courtesy of Mark Hawkins

Mark Hawkins, author of Die Today, began this novel about the afterlife while writing in his journal in La Serena, Chile. On the page titled “The Power of God,” he writes, “Some people obsess about social media or national news. I’ve been obsessed with the afterlife for thirty years.”

Hawkins says the main story questions in the book are these: “What is afterlife really like? Does anyone know who Satan is? Is it all flagrantly obvious? No? Let me show you why.”

“Millions of people have read near-death experience books. I can’t wait for those people to see this!” Hawkins says.

The book follows Will Johnson as the lead physicist who stabilizes dark matter at the site of a large Hadron collider. A person starts to form in the dust particles, just as the machine shuts itself down. Will dies in a motorcycle crash shortly after. He finds life after death is as real and scientific as mortal life. He still sees the mortal world he was accustomed to, but now he also sees other ex-mortals, as well as a race of beings who claim never to have been mortal.

These beings are led by Azzoloft, whose technological aspirations are diabolical. He uses the particles Will discovered to create indestructible beings. Will learns he cannot stop them unless he can change who he is, and what he has become, before it’s too late.

Cover of Die Today

Cover of Die Today

Hawkins says a favorite line in the book is where Azzoloft asks Will who he thinks owns all the buildings in the world. Will responds, “A really rich guy in China?”

Hawkins also likes where Johnson is arguing with his wife, Marie. Will says, “I’m sorry. Sometimes I have a big mouth.” Marie responds, “Is it big? Let’s see, is the Grand Canyon big? Is the ocean big?”

Hawkins says, “I am really excited about this book. For the first time, people are going to be reading about the afterlife, and saying, ‘Hey, wait a minute, maybe he’s right…’”

The book is available on and Latter-Day Cottage Bookstore in Mesa, Arizona. Learn more at

Hawkins has also recently released a non-fiction book, The Technology of God: The Theory of Everything.

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