Yoga. Mediation. Journaling. Creating A Healthy Balance In Your Life

I believe building a faith-filled home can help us build a healthy environment for our spiritual, mental, and physical health. The new Come Follow Me program provides wonderfully structured opportunities for individuals and families to reflect on the teachings in the New Testament (this year) and build personal connections that can fill each day with peaceful meditation and reflection on the blessings gained from having a Savior. A large part of mental health is gaining an understanding of our individual circumstances and then creating a harmonious balance with the things we need to accomplish. Both chaos in juggling too much or vegetating with too little can be equally damaging to mental health. In an effort to create a healthy balance in your life, this article will focus on a few supplements that can be worked into any day. The following are a few tried and true practices for bringing peace into our ever-changing circumstances: yoga, meditation, and journaling. The latter two are natural to pair with our efforts to build faith-centered homes where the Spirit acts as the healing force. Give one a try this month!

Yoga: If your day has a rough start, try yoga! Beginning, ending, or pausing your day with a yoga exercise brings clarity and awareness that are often lost in the never-ending to-do lists. There are various ways to incorporate yoga into the daily routine, and it is even possible to involve children! Modeling this practice can also show your kids one possible outlet for the stresses that will come their way in life. The internet is full of videos, programs, and short routines for people with differing levels of expertise. Jump online and give family yoga a try!

Meditation: Yoga and meditation are often practiced together, but depending on your circumstances, they can also be separate activities. The prophets have repeatedly counseled to spend time pondering scriptures and modern revelation. The practice of meditation invites the Spirit to redirect your day and allows you to feel balance as you choose the activities and thoughts that will fill each day. Meditation can become a part of your prayer time, scripture study, or just a pause in your day. You can find many apps for your devices to guide your meditation. The mindfulness that results from meditation is a huge game changer to a harmonious life.

Pondering and meditation can be great outdoor activities. Photo by: Michelle Lindell

Pondering and meditation can be great outdoor activities.
Photo by: Michelle Lindell

Journaling: The Come Follow Me manuals provide questions and lines for responses to questions based on scripture. If journaling seems unnatural for you, that is a great way to start recording your thoughts and impressions. Journaling can serve many purposes from organizing a cluttered mind, tracking blessings, recording spiritual impressions, or logging emotions. All of these are beneficial to mental and spiritual health. Along with yoga and meditation, journaling can help calm a troubled mind, ease anxious feelings, and help you create a calm and controlled internal environment.

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