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Yin and Yang: Brandt And Duke Photography Open New Lakeside Studio In Tempe

Peanut butter and jelly. Yin and yang. Some things are good alone—but better together. When Darrell Duke of Duke Photography saw an opportunity to combine forces with Brandt Seegmiller of Brandt Photography he jumped. The result: Brandt and Duke Photography.

“When Brandt contacted me about a year and a half ago that he wanted to sell his Mesa Studio, I was not interested in having a third studio in the Valley,” says Darrell Duke. “At the same time, I recognized that he had provided the East Valley with an incredible service for many years that was likely to not be available to them if he retired.”

So Darrell Duke made the deal—but only if Brandt agreed to train Duke’s photographers in Brandt’s skill set.

“He has mastered the skill of being able to photograph incredibly large family groups either on location or at the studio,” Darrell says.

The dynamic duo has since moved their Mesa studio location to a new lakeside Tempe spot, only 10 minutes from their old Mesa shop. With studio space doubled and beautiful grounds that include water features, business is booming.

“The lake and the stream that runs between the lake areas are really fun to incorporate with the portraits we create,” Darrell notes.

New backdrops and space aside, the Tempe location is just a continuation of the combined Duke and Brandt tradition. The studio, which won a 2018 Expertise Award for Best Portrait Photographers in Phoenix, does more than just snap photos—they preserve memories.

“Sometimes you don’t miss something until it is gone,” Darrell says. For him, photography creates “a legacy to the family for generations to come, a legacy piece of artwork for their home that becomes more nostalgic as the years go by.”

The owners’ faith infuses their business model. “It permeates and guides everything we do on a daily basis,” Darrell says. “We believe that families can be families even after we pass on. This gives us a unique perspective on what we do and how we do it.”

The studio is known for providing the missionary photos as part of the Arizona Beehive, a service of love for them.

“it is really refreshing to share in the excitement about their mission call and the adventure they are going on,” Darrell says of taking the missionaries’ photos. “We continue to offer a missionary portrait session, which includes a free print for the ward plaque.  This was a tradition started by Brandt, in conjunction with The Arizona Beehive.”

But Brandt and Duke offer more than just missionary portraits. Valley portrait artists since the 1950s, they capture weddings, senior portraits, children, families, league sports, newborns and mothers-to-be. They create multi-image collages, and all portraits come with a money-back guarantee.

“It is a privilege to be a part of creating beautiful images that become a part of family history,” says Darrell. “I love being able to do that.”

Visit Brandt and Duke Photography at their new location, 5450 S. Lakeshore Drive in Tempe, or call 480-838-3660 to set up a session.

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