James M. Parker

Ye Shall Prosper in The Land—God’s Laws and Promised Blessings

A Conversation with Financial Expert and Author Jim Parker by Sherrie Nattrass

When did you first decide to write this book? 

About 15 years ago, having already helped clients for 20 years, I discovered an uncommon strategy for helping people get out of debt. What began as notes of thoughts during down times and air travel began to form the foundation of a manuscript. It was initially going to be a financial planning book for the masses. Over time, as I listened to General Conference talks about using money wisely and read the scriptures, I would think to myself, That is a good thought and should be in my book. My notes evolved into a book that combines practical financial planning advice with the teachings of the gospel, primarily geared toward members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

James M. Parker

James M. Parker

How did you come up with the title of your book? 

The initial title, The Lord’s Laws of Money, clearly communicates the essence of this book, but a better title was necessary. While reading the Book of Mormon multiple times, I felt a title that invoked the promise, “Inasmuch as ye will keep my commandments, ye shall prosper in the land,” would be much better. The book is, in fact, an LDS perspective on the Lord’s Laws of Money.

How did you first come up with the Lord’s Laws of Money? 

Some of my favorite verses of scriptures are D&C 130:18-21. The first few verses talk about the importance of gaining knowledge and intelligence, because it will rise with us in the resurrection. Verses 20-21 say that in order to receive a blessing from God, we need to follow certain laws. We know the laws and rewards of living the Word of Wisdom, and that by living the law of tithing the windows of heaven can be opened in our behalf.

If that is the case, then what laws, if followed, would help us become more prosperous? What are God’s laws that govern money and prosperity? As a financial advisor, I have seen firsthand how mistakes with the use of money adversely affect the health and strength of finances, marriages and families. I’ve also watched how the wise use of money builds happiness and strength in each of these critical areas.

Through gospel teachings from General Authorities and the scriptures I’ve identified eleven laws that detail how to apply the Lord’s Laws of Money and enjoy the promised blessings of prosperity.

What was your motivation to get your book published? 

This book had been mostly written for about ten years. I started to worry that if it just stayed on my computer, my children might never read or benefit from it. I also wanted this valuable information to help members of the Church.

Ye Shall Prosper In The Land Book cover

Ye Shall Prosper In The Land book cover

Tell me about the cover.

My daughter is good with art. I thought of gold plates on a table to represent the promise made in the Book of Mormon, and a banker’s lamp could signify modern-day business and prosperity. She took it one step further, including the word prosperity in both Egyptian and Hebrew in the border of the table for the cover.

Was there any other motivation for writing this book? 

I wrote this book for my family and members of the Church. I am happy that this important information is now available. There is a freedom that comes from financial independence. It allows us to serve the Lord, build the kingdom, alleviate suffering by helping the poor, bless our families and a host of other things the Lord may want us to do. Learn and live God’s Laws of Money and “ye shall prosper in the land.”

Visit https://www.yeshallprosperintheland.com/ for more information or to order Jim’s book.

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