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Inspired musings since we last talked…

Changes in the Church? I saw quite a few memes on social media prior to General Conference anticipating another load of “get your popcorn” new Church changes to be announced during the weekend. Many referenced President Nelson’s recent quote inviting members to get their rest and take their vitamins in anticipation of more restorative adjustments. And then … silence. No changes. No policy announcements. No major revelations. The lead up reminded me of our desire to read the sealed portion of the gold plates when we struggle to apply what was revealed with the unsealed portion! We get caught up in the excitement of the announcements and want the feels we experienced when the last changes were announced. Elder Ballard cautioned us about this in his Conference talk, counseling us focus on the spirit of recent changes, rather than on the excitement of them. I will endeavor to do exactly that.

Name of the Church: I’ve included in this issue some info regarding the new emphasis on calling our great church by its true name; changes in the names of websites, social media sites, and how we verbally name the Church. Old habits are hard to break, and the world knows us by the names of “Mormon” and “LDS.” I remember when Datsun changed its name to Nissan. At first, the name Nissan was printed under the name Datsun, then Datsun under the name Nissan, then Datsun was dropped altogether. Today, very few recall the name Datsun. A worldly example, but a useful one as we anticipate the time it will take for us to get used to the inspired direction to call our church by its proper name. (Can we still call Cheerios “Mormon donuts”?)

Patronage: “The regular business given to a store, restaurant, or public service by a person or group.” You may have noticed that The Arizona Beehive prints advertisements placed by stores, restaurants and public services looking to market their products and services to our readers. Each advertiser recognizes the value of reaching people of our Latter-day Saintness.  The cost of producing each AZ Beehive issue is 100% covered from advertising generated revenue. Patronizing the businesses advertising ensures that this little enterprise continues to illuminate our local Church culture. Thank you for doing so.

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The Arizona Beehive is a complementary East Phoenix Valley LDS lifestyle and living publication, published six times a year, featuring content on people to meet, places to explore, events to attend and businesses to patronize.

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