Well Suited: The “Mr. Mac Experience” Comes to Arizona

Over the past 50 years, Mr. Mac has set itself apart as Utah’s go-to source and the name synonymous with high value and high quality in men’s suits, sports coats and accessories.

Now, with the opening of a Mr. Mac location in Gilbert this past December, Arizonans can enjoy what is known as the “Mr. Mac Experience.”

“We felt the time was right to come to Arizona,” says Gilbert store manager, Chris Brooks.

The recently opened Gilbert store is Mr. Mac’s 10th location, the first outside of Utah. Brooks, who worked for 11 years at the Mr. Mac in Orem, says the Gilbert site was selected as it is somewhat of a “centralized location” in the Phoenix metro area.

Gilbert location Mr. Mac offers a wide selection of suits, along with slacks, shoes, shirts and all the accessories. Photo courtesy of Chris Brooks.

Gilbert location Mr. Mac offers a wide selection of suits, along with slacks, shoes, shirts and all the accessories. Photo courtesy of Chris Brooks.

Gilbert, and the entire Phoenix metro area, he says, is a “unique market,” with the type of customers they are used to and who “we are uniquely able to help,” with the reasonable prices and exceptional service Mr. Mac is known for, says Brooks.

“Forty to 45 percent of what we do is outfitting LDS missionaries,” he says, citing the store’s range of options in menswear.

The company carries suits from size 8 to 60+ in thousands of colors and varieties and styles, including slim-fit and classic-fit styles.

On their website (, they call themselves the “two-pant headquarters,” as several styles are two-pant suits, a popular option that extends the life of a suit since pants often wear out long before the jacket.

While Mr. Mac offers higher-end, $800 to $900 brand name suits, including Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein, they also have a wide selection of their own label suits and other less expensive top-quality options.

“We cater to every price point and every person,” Brooks says.

In addition to a large inventory of suits, Mr. Mac also carries slacks, shirts, ties, socks, shoes and bags. The store also offers a full line of white clothing.

Brooks says, along with quality clothing, that “quality customer service is the #1 thing you will find at Mr. Mac.”

He says experienced sales staff help customers navigate the buying experience and find the right suit for them.

A service for anyone who wonders how to shop for a suit, Mr. Mac staff members “walk through and help customers understand everything about price, quality, and the various styles available,” Brooks says. “People really like the help they get when they come here,” he adds.

Customers also like the fact that Mr. Mac offers free alterations and tailoring—for life. This means the initial tailoring is free, and, in the future, if for whatever reason the suit needs to be altered, Mr. Mac again provides this service free.

“We are happy with the decision to be here in Gilbert,” Brooks says. “We are thriving because of the referrals we get as people come, are happy with the experience, and then tell their family and friends about us.”

The new Mr. Mac store is located at 929 North Val Vista Drive, Suite 117B. The store is open from 10 A.M. to 7 P.M. Monday through Friday, and until 6:00 P.M. on Saturdays.

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