Upcoming Movie on Trail of Book of Mormon artifact

Upcoming Movie on Trail of Book of Mormon artifact

The new film 16 Stones brings together faith and adventure in a unique combination. Set to release October 3 in Utah and in Arizona shortly thereafter, the film explores an almost-legendary part of the Book of Mormon—the Jaredite stones.

“Although there are a lot of adventure movies and several movies that are spiritual and deal with issues of faith, it’s rare to find one that combines both,” said director Brian Brough. “16 Stones is an inspirational movie that will also take you on a fun, adventurous journey.”

The fictional story is set in the late 1830s, a time when The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints suffered much persecution. On the fringes of Far West, Missouri, a mob attacks Church members. A young man and two friends set out to find indisputable proof to show the world that The Book of Mormon is true, in hopes that such proof will save others from future persecution. The proof they seek is something that, if found, could not be contested: the 16 Jaredite stones, touched by the finger of the Lord as recounted in the Book of Ether.

“Their journey is not an easy one,” said Brough. “One of the key messages to the film is that proof doesn’t build faith, but instead, faith and testimonies are built by developing a personal relationship with God.”

Learn more at: www.16stonesmovie.com or, on Facebook: facebook.com/CandlelightMediaGroup.

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