Rhyme And Reason


Rhyme and Reason


By Linda Turley-Hansen

Our kids are growing up in a different world. Really, really different. If they follow the Lord and His prophets, they don’t fit in with most of their peers. It’s a tough one for them since the adolescent years are known to be peer driven.

Then, mom and dad also become “strangers,” often no longer the driving force in kids’ lives. It’s not something fully understood, but we trust it’s the Lord’s plan (allowing the natural man his way). Breaking away from the nest is not a new phenomenon, but it’s nearly always traumatic.

Thus the tug of war between traditions and beliefs often tear parents and kids apart as another generation, uninterested in learning wisdom from those who have gone before, sets out to search for the Holy Grail (the truth).

Today’s world offers up extreme arguments regarding truth. What’s real, and what’s God, gets lost somewhere in political correctness and the new morality that includes no morality at all, e.g., co-habitation, gay marriage, decline in worship.

And the big questions: Do parents defer to the kids in order to show love, or do they defer to hard-earned knowledge that God’s way is the ultimate way? Often, the latter way results in the fracture of relationships that are so precious.

More than a dozen years ago, President Thomas S. Monson, then in the First Presidency, warned of the deadly road of following error: “We do not find truth groveling through error. Truth is found by searching, studying and living the revealed word of God. We adopt error when we mingle with error. We learn truth when we associate with truth.”

Plain and simple: God’s Love is truth in action, not necessarily warm and fuzzy feelings traditionally equated with love. See 1 John 3:18, “My little children, let us not love in word, neither in tongue; but in deed and truth.”

So, sincere parents travel that road of finding the truth of love. Sometimes it can be subjective–but always can be confirmed by the Holy Spirit as we listen.

Today’s political correctness hides real truth and can require us to ignore our moral compass to get along with folks. Families are being torn apart by this dilemma and the Church, itself, is scrambling to find solutions in order to honor, yet save the Lord’s children.

Is it love if we skip truth in order to get along? Must we choose between God and His children in making so-called love happen?

Scriptures report many generations of parents have struggled with this dilemma. We can and will learn from them, but clearly bending to certain trends and demands of the day will not serve our posterity.

In October, class studies included the first two greatest commandments: Loving God and loving one another. How do we do that when truth is abandoned?

The call for families to get this figured out has never been greater.


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