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Tickling The Ivories: Motivate The Musician In Your Life With Piano Marvel

Have you always wanted to play piano but never really got beyond plunking out “Chopsticks”? You’re not alone—and Piano Marvel can help you with everything from “Chopsticks” to Chopin.

Piano Marvel’s education software, created by piano teachers specifically for piano students, helps students of all ages achieve their musical goals. Piano Marvel’s inventive technology allows students to learn at their own pace or with a teacher. The marriage of technology and accountability gives students instant feedback and tracks progress; it also provides video tutorials and an ever-expanding library of exercises and songs to increase student engagement.

Piano practice feeling a little tired lately? Piano Marvel can help! Photo via Pexels.

Piano practice feeling a little tired lately? Piano Marvel can help! Photo via Pexels.

“As amazing as some of the technology tools are in gamifying learning,” says certified Piano Marvel coach Sean Slade, “we still believe that a teacher is invaluable because 100% of us won’t accomplish as much if we don’t have accountability. Today’s students are different, though,” he acknowledges. “They need to a higher level of engagement that technology provides to keep learning fun and the right level of challenge for them.”

The instant feedback function is especially useful for students as it gives immediate correction for wrong notes and rhythms. This enables students not just to practice, but to practice correctly.

To measure their progress, students earn virtual trophies according to their level of performance.

“Students love the challenge of filling up their trophy case in method and technique sections,” says Sean. “My 76-year-old father called me a while back and said, ‘I did it! I just got a gold trophy on level 3B!’ Also, besides learning the hymns, students love the challenges we are running on some of the coolest new popular music from The Greatest Showman, Ed Sheeran, Disney and the Beatles, and they have a chance to win prizes as well!”

For students who lack the incentive to practice, the trophies, prizes and instant feedback can be a real motivator—something Sean knows firsthand.

The founder of Piano Marvel met Sean years ago, and told Sean that his kids could progress “four times faster” using Piano Marvel’s technology. Sean has seen that growth potential as a parent and as a teacher.

“I personally walked away from teaching piano for several years because it seemed like there was a lack of motivation and fun in both teaching and learning until I discovered how engaging assessment technology and tools like Piano Marvel were for my own kids,” says Sean.

To try Piano Marvel, create a free account at www.PianoMarvel.com, watch some of the tutorial videos, and test your sight reading score with a SASR (Standard Assessment of Sight Reading).

Want to track how long your students are practicing and focus more on musicality and less on mechanics? You can apply to teach with Piano Marvel by going to https://www.pianomarvel.com/teaching-piano and applying for an account. Also, check out www.LearnToPlayTheHymns.com. You may reach Piano Marvel at 866-680-1290 or contactus@pianomarvel.com.

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