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The Worth of Beautiful Souls: Your Beautiful Soul Helping Others Live A Fuller Life

We all know that “the worth of souls is great in the sight of God,” and that sometimes those precious souls need a little TLC. That’s where Sarah Crawford and her team come in. After the tragic death of her younger sister, Crawford’s soul “hungered,” and she was inspired to turn her suffering into succoring. In 2011, she started helping others live a fuller life with a self-improvement challenge she called “More Fit for the Kingdom.” More Fit for the Kingdom was a huge success, and she repeated the challenge several times. In late 2016, inspired by a Brave Girls’ Camp retreat, Crawford was trained in Soul Restoration Therapy by Melody Ross. Eventually, her training, personal experience, natural talent and plenty of friends all blended together in the perfect recipe, creating the community that is now known as Your Beautiful Soul.

: Sarah Crawford, Founder of "Your Beautiful Soul." Photo by Sarah Crawford

: Sarah Crawford, Founder of “Your Beautiful Soul.” Photo by Sarah Crawford

Your Beautiful Soul encourages inner healing and outward serving in every aspect of life. Crawford summarizes the mission of Your Beautiful Soul as, “helping women discover the beautiful soul that they’ve always had, then using their experience to bless others.” The program promotes self-forgiveness and self-fulfillment through honesty and affirmation. Your Beautiful Soul offers a broad spectrum of approaches to healing, including the Soul Restoration Retreat, the “What Now?” six-week course, the Soul Book design class, and a variety of inspirational and memorializing arts, crafts and jewelry. The personalizable bracelets and rings are also available on Crawford’s Etsy shop, which has serviced over 35 states. The inspiring messages printed on her products are even “better than tattoos,” Crawford says.

The Soul Restoration Retreat is Crawford’s main event. She holds it annually at her home in Gilbert with her team, including Camille Smith, Crawford’s partner, who is rumored to have a special talent in the kitchen! Women in search of healing come together at the retreat to share, learn, sing, heal, eat and create—and they leave changed.

“Something amazing happens to the women at these retreats,” Crawford notes with wonderment. “The most powerful thing is that the people who sign up for the retreats need each other more than they need us.”

Your Beautiful Soul is a limitless movement that goes beyond geography and religion. Currently, much of the curriculum is available as an online course, and there are plans to make the entirety of the Beautiful Soul and Soul Restoration materials available digitally. Beautiful Soul promotes a non-denominational message, referring to a higher being as the “Truthteller,” so that any participant will feel welcome and connected to the teachings offered through Your Beautiful Soul. Crawford dreams of transmitting her message to everyone, until she has “a bracelet on every wrist” and the retreats are “bursting at the seams.”

When life happens and our souls hunger, Your Beautiful Soul is a source that provides sustenance to the soul (and body!). Sarah Crawford has successfully assisted women in rediscovering their beautiful souls, then turning their healing outward to serve others. Crawford reminds all souls in need of restoring that healing is possible, and that “the Lord is good unto… the soul that seeketh him.”

Check out Sarah Crawford’s Etsy shop at www.etsy.com/shop/SarahJeanCreations. Detailed description of all services is available at www.yourbeautifulsoul.net.

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