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The New Food Storage : Tastier Than Your Mom’s Pinto Bean Fudge and a Glass of Powdered Milk!

“You’ve heard it countless times. ‘Get your food storage.’ But if you’re just starting out, there’s a problem with that advice…where do you start? It’s like most elephant-sized problems—you conquer them one bite at a time! The real problem is, most people don’t understand what they’re really prepping for, so they waste a lot of time, energy and money haphazardly buying and storing an emergency food supply,” says Crystal Godfrey.

Photo by: Crystal Godfrey

Photo by: Crystal Godfrey

Crystal Godfrey is a modern food storage guru. A presenter at BYU Education Week for three years running, a daytime television feature in Utah and Arizona, and the author of 2 published books, I Can’t Believe It’s Food Storage and Store This, Not That!, Godfrey has a lot to say on the common sense side of food storage.

While the staples are still the staples, Godfrey brings new life along with plenty of tips and tricks to a subject that can feel daunting. Food storage options have been improved over the years, but storage can be a bit overwhelming both for those who are just starting out or even seasoned veterans of prepping. Referring to her books as “the Cliff Notes of food storage,” Godfrey recommends, “Just go straight to what works and forget everything else.” She makes what used to seem like an arduous and arbitrary task sound like a snap.

“When you think of it as one can, it’s easy to put away. You have space for it, you have money for it. Preparedness is a journey, not an end point,” says Godfrey.

With a healthy sense of humor and a dose of practicality, Crystal’s blog,, is an enjoyable read loaded with tips on where to purchase various food storage products at the best prices from reputable sources. It’s as easy as ordering from Amazon, or in this case, the Home Storage Center. In her most recent series of blog posts, she details how to utilize items like powdered milk to make themed treats for a movie night. If her blog site wasn’t helpful enough, her YouTube channel, Everyday Food Storage, details the whole process of making a sweetened condensed milk substitute for the more visually inclined.

Speaking of powdered milk, Godfrey says, “My favorite thing [to make] is anything with powdered milk….I love to watch someone’s face when they learn what they’re eating has powdered milk in it.”  If her Instagram handle,, is anything to go by, no one would ever guess.

So whether you’re a full on prepper or just an average Joe, Godfrey’s methods are a journey anyone can make.

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