The Dynamic Mother-Daughter Duo – The Gould Group Brings Expertise And Experience In A Dynamic Real Estate Market

Penny Gould and Shannon Vowles are the dynamic mother-daughter real estate duo that make up The Gould Group. The real estate market in Arizona has dramatically changed over recent years, making trustworthy representation a must for both buyers and sellers. The Gould Group is well recognized for their professional ethics and excellent performance in the field.

“There are more and more options available to buyers and sellers than ever before,
says Penny. “With ever-changing regulations in financing, as well as Cash for Homes investment companies, buyers and sellers have more options to weigh when selling or purchasing a home. [We] help maneuver through the options and determine the best course.”

Shannon adds, “We have, in some instances, guided [clients] toward the quick cash option. In others [we] closed on their home with more money in their pocket within the same time frame as the investment company’s offer. No two situations are the same, and an individual approach is vital in giving our clients the best possible information we can provide.”

The Gould Group provides real estate expertise for buyers and sellers Photo by: The Gould Group

The Gould Group provides real estate expertise for buyers and sellers
Photo by: The Gould Group

Home builders are back in business, establishing new neighborhoods in the strengthening real estate market.  “I think most buyers don’t realize the advantage of an experienced agent representing them on a new home purchase,” Shannon says. In the case of new homes, the builder pays for the buyers’ agent fees. All expertise and negotiation skills come at no cost to the new home buyer.

Penny points out, “We negotiate price and [often get] options beyond what the builder is offering. [More] importantly, we provide our clients with confidence that they are navigating the transaction with the best possible information [and] someone looking out for their best interest—not the builders’.”

When dealing with existing properties, The Gould Group helps buyers and sellers navigate the ever-changing real estate market. The stakes are high. Sellers need maximum profit from their property. Buyers face one of the biggest purchases of their lifetime.

The Gould Group, a member of the Southeast Valley Area Association of Realtors, is a leader in the luxury home and land markets. Penny received the Keller Williams Values & Ethics award, was nominated for the Keller Williams Cultural Icon Award, was designated a Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist, and is a member of the Graduate REALTOR® Institute (GRI).

Though consistently recognized for their knowledge and professional ethics, they count winning the trust and confidence of their many clients is the greatest reward.

“Today’s market can be stressful,” Shannon says. “Whether it’s high competition that buyers experience, or sellers weighing the options of updating properties, we try to be sensitive and provide the best experience possible when either buying or selling [a] home.”

For more information about the current real estate market, call the Gould Group at 480-600-3663 or visit www.PennyGould.com.

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