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Cover of Silver Creek, in the Absence of Sarah. Photo by Jefferson Hunt Miller and cover designed by W. A. Miller.

Cover of Silver Creek, in the Absence of Sarah. Photo by Jefferson Hunt Miller and cover designed by W. A. Miller.

Author and Arizona resident Jefferson Hunt Miller’s new book, Silver Creek, in the Absence of Sarah, is the story of how protagonist Ray and his family “confront the challenges of divorce and death while clinging to their faith in God,” as Miller explains.

The book is set in 1938 during the Great Depression. It is inspired by true events documented from reflections, interviews and experiences of family and friends in the Silver Creek community. The entire book takes place over two weeks and is set in Arizona’s White Mountains.

A turning point in the book is when the young boy, Ray, visits with Sister Erickson, a kind neighbor, as the two sit on the back porch sipping lemonade.  Ray thanks Sister Erickson for all that she and her husband did to help his family when his mother died.  Sister Erickson sees the pain in the young man’s countenance and shares a sacred and personal story of the death of her daughter, Hannah, who was killed in a car accident near her home:

“I pulled back the blanket. I caressed her cheek. As I knelt with her for a while, I came to the understanding that this was under my Savior’s control. . . I looked over to my right, . . . it was there that I saw a small group of people . . . My Hannah was in front, looking a little bit confused. . . Behind Hannah was my father who had passed way a few years before, my deceased grandmother and mother-in-law were also by Hannah’s side. . . I understood this sacred gift I was given, I got the feeling they were there to give support and to guide Hannah back home.”

Author Jefferson Hunt Miller.

Author Jefferson Hunt Miller.

Silver Creek, in the Absence of Sarah is available from Https://www.createsspace.com7272377 or

Story by Cindy R. Williams, The Arizona Beehive

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  1. “Silver Creek, in the Absence of Sarah” painted the picture of a small town life style in my mind. It gave me a fuller understanding of what comes after life, while still providing genuine entertainment. This was a great book and recommendation worthy to all friends and family.

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