SHORT Temple Run

Temple Run

Group Runs Half Marathon from “Temple to Temple”

SHORT-Temple RunThough he is an avid runner, Steve Lepititch, an obstetrician and member of the Tempe South Stake, says, “I don’t really do organized runs.”
He says, “I’m more of an ‘enjoy the journey’ type person” and says he runs three to four times a week beginning at 5 or 5:30 a.m. for the health aspect and for the idea of “self-reliance of getting from one place to another.”
Yet, he found it well worth it to organize a few friends and do several “temple to temple” runs over the last few months.
He says, “From the Mesa Temple to the Gilbert Temple site is exactly a half marathon, 13.1 miles.”
The group runs along the canals and a portion of the route is along the railroad tracks. They have run both directions, starting at the Gilbert Temple sometimes and, other times, beginning at the Mesa Temple. He says starting in Mesa is his preference.
“The Gilbert Temple is such an impressive structure and as you run toward it, you can see it from a ways off and it gets bigger the closer you get. It’s a neat culmination, a giant ending.”
He says the temple runs are unique from other runs, “Because you’re starting and finishing at holy spots.”
Steve adds, “You aren’t just being transported from one place to the other. You are going back to the way people used to travel. You slow down and notice a lot more around you—and you notice how fast the world is going.”
“It’s really a different feeling when you do this,” Steve says.
He has posted routes and other information, including future run dates at

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