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Spring Into The Scriptures

Family Home Evening is the perfect time to play games that teach about Jesus Christ’s divine mission. Here are two games to inspire your family to spring into the scriptures!

“Scrambled Eggs”


  • Write verses of scripture regarding Jesus Christ onto slips of paper. (Perhaps coordinate this lesson with the one below, using verses from your chosen stories.)
  • Write questions that are answered in each verse on separate slips of paper.
Add a twist to the traditional Easter egg hunt with the game “Scrambled Eggs.” Photo by Robin Finlinson.

Add a twist to the traditional Easter egg hunt with the game “Scrambled Eggs.” Photo by Robin Finlinson.

Examples: How old was Jairus’s daughter when Jesus raised her from the dead? (Mark 5:42) Who came to strengthen Jesus as He atoned for the sins and sorrows of the whole world? (Luke 22:43)  How many chapters tell of Christ visiting the Nephites after His resurrection? (See the paragraph above 3 Nephi 11)

  • Place each scripture verse in an Easter egg of a different color. Perhaps add an edible treat too!
  • Place each question in other eggs, with corresponding questions and answers in the same color.
  • Hide all the eggs (enough for each family member–except for the person preparing the game–to find at least one matching pair) around the house or yard.
  • Assign each person a color or colors to find.


  • Send everyone on the hunt!
  • Once all eggs are found, take turns opening one pair of corresponding eggs at a time. Read the question, then read the scripture to discover the answer.

“The Frame Game”


  • Gather pictures of the Savior that represent various stories told in the scriptures. Did you know that you’re welcome to print many images found on lds.org for teaching? Click on the “Media Library” link, then on “Images.” Simply click “Print,” or drag images into a Word document to resize before printing.
  • Put the pictures on a magnetic board and draw frames around them to add visual flair. Or, temporarily place them in 3-dimensional frames you already own.
  • Write on a board the passage of scripture in which each story is told. Examples: Luke 22: 39-44; Mark 5:22-24, 35-43; 3 Nephi 11.


  • Invite family members to become more acquainted with the scriptures by matching passages with corresponding pictures.
  • Read each story together and see what was matched correctly!

The scriptures above attest that the Savior has power over death—for Himself, and for everyone. No tomb or grave can keep a single soul. And thanks to His atoning sacrifice, we may ascend to a final glorious home with our Heavenly Father.

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