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Spiritual Split-Second Decisions to Fly, Eject, or Die

Brock Booher is touted as an author of clean fiction and nonfiction meant to entertain and inspire. His latest book, Fly, Eject, or Die meets all of these criteria.

Brock Booher, author of Fly, Eject, or Die Photo by Brian Powell

Brock Booher, author of Fly, Eject, or Die
Photo by Brian Powell

At ten years of age, while out working in the fields of the family farm, a military jet did a low fly-by, shrieking just above his head. At that moment Booher decided flying was more fun than farming, and after graduating from BYU he became a pilot in the Air Force. Later he transitioned to commercial flying in the Boeing 737.

In Fly, Eject, or Die, Booher uses his unique experiences as a fighter pilot to create an exciting, inspiring and uplifting book on the importance of being prepared to make life’s tough decisions that face all of us. The book teaches clear life skills, as is evident in the chapter headings: The Ejection Decision, Ejection Training, Why Agency? Using Our Agency Effectively, The Agency Checklist, Agency Training, and What Happens If You Crash?

According to the back-of-the-book blurb: “In the high-speed world of the fighter pilot, milliseconds can be the difference between life and death. Only when you’ve practiced, prepared, and predetermined what do in a crisis can you react quickly enough to fly the plane out of the situation or eject if need be. Likewise, we often face critical spiritual decision with only moments to make a choice.

Cover of Fly, Eject, or Die

Cover of Fly, Eject, or Die

“Professional pilot and youth speaker Brock Booher helps us recognize and learn to responsibly use the most enabling tool we possess—moral agency. By building spiritual muscle memory, we can expertly exercise it in the milliseconds leading to the smallest or most important decisions in our lives.

“Don’t live on autopilot. When mishaps and tough choices inevitably come your way, Fly Eject, or Die helps you to prepare now so that in the moment, faith will overcome fear and you can soar through any obstacles this earth life may hurl at you.”

Booher is also the author of Return and Continue with Honor. He is published by CFI, an imprint of Cedar Fort. For more information, or to contact Booher, go to or find him on Facebook or Twitter.


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