Sisters In A Chord Continue Family Tradition Of Four Part Harmony

Sisters In A Chord Continue Family Tradition of Four-Part Harmony

By Cindy R. Williams

Sisters In A Chord Continue Family Tradition of Four-Part Harmony

Sisters In A Chord is the latest brainchild of Doreen Hansen of the Mesa Arizona Lehi Stake. The four-part harmony barbershop-quartet style group consists of teenage girls, all related to the former group known as the Threet Sisters.

Erica, Emily, Alison, and Carly Threet, who made up the original Threet Sisters group, have continued to sing together throughout the years, even though they are now married and have children of their own.

Sisters In A Chord Continue Family Tradition of Four-Part Harmony

The Threet Sister, daughters of Melanie and Sterling Threet, formed a group and, for many years, sang barbershop-style four-part harmony together.  Now, their younger sisters are learning to sing four-part harmony as part of the Young Women in Harmony group. Shown (l to r) are Katelyn Wiezbowksi, Erica Wiezbowski, Emily Orines, Alison Richardson, Carly Morris, Bethany Threet and Lauren Threet. Photo courtesy Doreen Hansen

“The girls are my grandnieces—daughters of my niece, Melanie Threet,” says Doreen. Doreen was the one who taught four-part harmony to her grandnieces and instilled in them a love for the barbershop style. Now, she is doing the same with their younger sisters, Bethany Threet, 14, and Lauren, 12, and Erica’s daughter, Kateyn Wiezbowksi, 11, who make up the core of the “next generation” group, Sisters In A Chord. Sister Hansen is currently searching for a fourth singer to complete the group.

“Singing the powerfully balanced sounds of four-part harmony provides an invaluable learning atmosphere, a rich, rewarding experience and gives girls and women an opportunity for fellowship, fun and personal fulfillment,” Sister Hansen says.

“A wide variety of songs, tempo, choreography and costuming can be showcased in the barbershop style today,” she adds. “Like all music styles, barbershop harmony has expanded, adapted and evolved over time.”

Sister Hansen says she first learned to love the barbershop style years ago, when she sang with the International Champion Scottsdale Sweet Adeline Chorus.

“My time singing with Scottsdale Chorus and learning the art of singing four-part harmony, has been my motivation to continue teaching others the joy of singing in this style,” says Hansen.

Doreen has a similar purpose behind teaching classes and forming the new Sisters In A Chord group. With both endeavors, she wants to teach musical excellence, to advance the musical art form of four-part harmony and to enrich the lives of girls and women.

“The girls and women will develop their vocal skills, discover the joy of singing in their lives, create something beautiful together that could never be created separately, take a break from the ‘woes of the world’ each week and let music become their joy, their spiritual discipline, and their weekly therapy session, to experience the thrill of show business by providing wholesome family-style entertainment.”

Sisters In A Chord has a Christmas program scheduled for 7 p.m. on Friday, December 5, at the LDS Interstake Center, 830 E. 2nd Avenue, in Mesa. Families, friends and the general public are invited. There is no charge for the event; however, they are a nonprofit group and do welcome donations, Sister Hansen says.

She adds that the group is available to provide wholesome, family-style entertainment at care centers, senior citizen groups, ward and stake events, private parties and other community gatherings.

Sister Hansen holds classes weekly on Wednesdays in the Inter-Stake Center.  Girls ages 11-17 meet from 4 to 5:30 p.m. and women ages 18 and older, from 7 to 9.  Participants are asked to pay a small fee to help defray the cost of music-related expenses. Register at, or, for more information, contact Doreen Hansen at 480-577-7600.

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