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Random Hats of Kindness: Young Men With Courage Share Their Message With Unique Head Wear

In a society that often mistakes compassion for weakness and tells kids to “toughen up,” Random Hats of Kindness is a bright star in the hardened firmament. Founded two years ago by brothers Jayce, now 13, and Lincoln, now 11, Random Hats of Kindness is a business with a message. Their high-quality hats present positive and inspiring messages to the world, from “stay true” to “be humble” and “dream big.”

Jayce McGuirk, 13, Founder, CEO, President of Random Hats of Kindness Photo: rhofk.com

Jayce McGuirk, 13, Founder, CEO, President of Random Hats of Kindness
Photo: rhofk.com

The Random Hats message wasn’t always what it is today. Before starting the company, the brother pair proposed the idea of starting a hat company during a family meeting. Not only did their parents support the idea, the boys’ stepfather pushed it further, asking the boys what kind of hats they would sell and what their goal would be in starting this business.

Inspired by the family habit of performing random acts of kindness, Jayce (who was 11 years old at the time) proposed that they make hats with a purpose. Thus, Random Hats of Kindness was born.

When asked, “Why hats?” there really isn’t an answer. “We love hats,” says Jayce with an easygoing shrug.

Since starting the business, younger brother Lincoln has moved his energies to other ventures, but Jayce, his mother and stepfather run the business as a team. In addition to the family’s efforts, several of the hats have been influenced by collaborators. Anthony Rizzo, first baseman for the Chicago Cubs, has collaborated on a collection of hats that all feature the “dream big” slogan. While 10% of all Random Hats profits go to nobully.org, an anti-bullying charity, an additional 10% of the Anthony Rizzo hat sales goes to Rizzo’s foundation, which supports researching and fighting pediatric cancer.

Though Jayce thinks Random Hats could become a lifelong career, the origins of the company were humble. It was at a flea market in Phoenix that the business first began to build steam. The Junk in the Trunk market was offering free booths to child entrepreneurs, so the team decided to take advantage of the opportunity. A reporter noticed the boys’ booth and was inspired by Random Hats’ mission and message. That inspiration turned into a radio interview, which turned into a television appearance. The news went national, and online sales traffic skyrocketed. While most of Random Hats’ business happens online and in the local markets, a boutique in Gilbert called Preach Supply has recently begun selling the team’s merchandise.

Between multiple sports teams, school, and a social life, Jayce manages to find time to include a handwritten note with every order. Those personal touches, combined with all these good vibes, keep the customers loyal.

Random Hats of Kindness is a business with a purpose, and it’s a purpose anyone can support. As Christ himself “went about doing good,” the creators and staff of Random Hats are continuing His vision. Even in a culture that encourages callousness, the bravery of two young brothers to be different has proven that something as simple as a hat could “invite and entice” us to do good.

For more information, visit the Random Hats website: www.rhofk.com

Check out Random Hats of Kindness on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RandomHatsofKindness/

Follow Random Hats of Kindness on Instagram @rhofk

To watch the TV interview with Jayce and his stepfather, visit: http://www.fox10phoenix.com/news/arizona-news/teen-spreads-kindness-through-headwear-business#/

Random Hats of Kindness hats can be purchased at Preach Supply on Baseline and Greenfield, Gilbert.

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