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Promotional Feature – Avista Senior Living Continues Providing Excellent Assistance to Residents

The original Avista location in Downtown Mesa. Photo by Parker Sappington

The original Avista location in Downtown Mesa. Photo by Parker Sappington

Founded in 2011, Avista Senior Living has grown from its original location in downtown Mesa off University and Country Club to four additional locations now: East Mesa, Glendale, Phoenix, and Sun City West. Although the business continues to expand, each site continues to grow in its original and fundamental mission to provide meaning, kindness, and the best assistance to its residents.

Kris Woolley, who is both the CEO and founder of Avista Senior Living, enjoyed working with seniors in his former career. His passion to provide assistance to senior citizens led him to Arizona in the hopes of providing a better quality of life for those of whom he had grown fond.

With a background in business management and a life based upon restored Gospel principles, Brother Woolley founded Avista Senior Living with a mission to not only provide excellent and individualized care to residents, but also to create a culture that attracts both potential new residents as well as new caregivers. They believe that supporting and developing a thriving culture with caregivers will in turn extend to residents and provide the social and physical needs of all who become a part of the Avista Senior Living community.

Unlike many assisted care centers, Avista Senior Living takes pride in providing for not only the physical needs of its residents, but also their social and emotional needs, and it offers many activities for residents to meet new people, form new friendships, and to be part of real and active community. The original location in downtown Mesa has 92 apartments, operating a small enough center for adequate and personal care, but large enough to provide a thriving community.

Avista Senior Living, according to their website, provides not only assisted living, but also provides memory and respite care for both short-term and long-term stays. Some locations are even tailored for those who desire pets.

These things are possible because Brother Woolley recognized that each of these residents has a story to tell, often coupled with a rich and rewarding life that provides a wonderful view from the peak of their respective journeys. Many residents and their families have been blessed and well cared for because those who run Avista Senior Living have given their time and attention to make sure all residents continue to have full and fulfilling lives.

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