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Personal experience prompts author to write for Returning Missionaries

By Valerie Ipson

Personal experience prompts author to write for Returning Missionaries

Based on his own experiences and feelings after returning from an LDS mission, Brock Booher wrote a book to help others manage the transition. Photo by Robert Olmstead Photography

A few years ago, Brock Booher joined the celebration at the house of a friend whose son was returning from an LDS mission in Peru. While it was heartwarming to see the young man reunited with his family, the occasion also sparked a nerve. Brother Booher couldn’t help remembering how lost he felt when he returned from his own mission over 30 years prior.

He says, even today, “I can still remember that empty feeling I felt when I walked off the airplane after my mission.”

So, with prodding from his wife, Britt, and others, he wrote a book for returning missionaries titled, Return and Continue with Honor: A Guide for Returning Missionaries.

The book offers practical advice that can be applied in the first week, the first month, the first year and beyond, after a return home from missionary service. It’s also a call to action to help the young man or woman continue to set goals and stay “anxiously engaged.”

Brother Booher says his intent in writing the book was to help elders and sisters be as prepared for returning as they were for leaving to serve in the first place.

“I hope that this book will make it easier for all the wonderful young men and women coming home to deal with the transition from fulltime missionary to faithful returned missionary,” he says.

The book states its purposes, which include helping the individual to:

– Transition back into everyday life without losing spirituality

– Capture the lessons learned from missionary experience

– Set new goals 

– Rebuild important relationships

– Manage priorities and expectations

– Strive to continue the learning process 

Return and Continue with Honor also contains advice for parents of returned missionaries, who often don’t know what to do with an adult child that seems lost without a companion and a rigorous work schedule. To such parents, Brother Booher’s book suggests: Provide them with a home environment conducive to the Spirit. Returned missionaries have spent years avoiding anything that might distract them from the work. … They will feel awkward at home when the TV is on or when music is playing…perhaps you might examine your daily activities…

The book contains advice for leaders as well, who can use it in guiding and nurturing returned missionaries.

Personal experience prompts author to write for Returning Missionaries

The new book, Return and Continue with Honor: A Guide for Returning Missionaries,  offers practical advice for staying “anxiously engaged” and to otherwise help young men and women returning from missions. Book cover design by Shawnda T. Craig

Brother Booher, a member of the San Tan 1st Ward, Gilbert San Tan Stake, served a fulltime mission in Uruguay and graduated from Brigham Young University. He and his wife have six children, two who have served missions and one preparing to leave soon.

Brother Boohe, who began flying in the U.S. Air Force, now flies for a major airline.

Along with his recent book, Brother Booher writes fiction and has published two novels: Healing Stone and The Charity Chip.

Find him on Facebook (AuthorBrockBooher), on Twitter (@BrockBooher) or visit his website (

Return and Continue with Honor: A Guide for Returning Missionaries is published by CFI, an imprint of Cedar Fort, Inc. It is available on and at Deseret Bookstore.

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