Outpouring of Donations and Support Helps Family with Children’s Medical Expenses

When Kamarah and Frank Adams learned their fourth child would be born with Cystic Fibrosis, the same condition affecting two of their other three, Kamarah set out to raise money to help with astronomical costs of medications and medical equipment.

She created a Crowdrise page and posted their story there and on her blog. She shares the family’s struggle, their story of learning about CF and their dilemma about whether to have other children as well as her testimony, which is encapsulated in the slogan she has adopted, “CF is not forever, but our family is.”

“We know that CF is something the kids will have only while we are here on earth, not after we are resurrected and begin our eternal post-mortal life,” Kamarah writes.

As friends, family and ward members heard about her fundraising efforts, many joined in with other ideas, helping to organize a Waffle Love night and a carnival-style party on April 11, complete with booths, prizes, a bake sale and dinner, with 600 meals served.

The outpouring of help and donations has been “such a huge blessing… so much bigger than we ever feel we could have asked for,” Kamarah writes. ”What happened for our family from the support of those around us was truly an example of Christlike love.”

For more about their story or to find out how to help, visit https://www.crowdrise.com/AdamsFamilyCFNowNotLater/fundraiser/kamarahadams or Kamarah’s blog: http://cfisnotforever.blogspot.com/

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