Christopher And Elise Hurst And Their Three Sons. Photo Courtesy Of Amy Stewart.

New GleefullyMe class to be offered this summer at the Red Mountain Center.

Christopher and Elise Hurst and their three sons. Photo courtesy of Amy Stewart.

Christopher and Elise Hurst and their three sons. Photo courtesy of Amy Stewart.

Have you ever felt like just about everything stressed you out, like you were always overwhelmed? Have you ever felt like you were in survival mode all the time? Many people do—women especially. This is exactly what Sister Elise Hurst, of the Grandview First, Mesa Central Stake, was feeling back in 2015.

She had tried reading some self-help books, but as their help only seemed to be temporary, she reached out by seeking counseling. Through this counseling, she slowly learned ways that she could be in control of her own emotions and happiness.
“I became aware of all the negative chatter inside my head,” says Sister Hurst, “and of all the self-bullying that was going on there.”

She first started blogging about her experiences, and gained a good following. She was also inspired to write a song about it, called “Embrace Who You Are,” and she has recently finished a book about this same topic, specifically for children, entitled Uniquely Nora.
“I began to feel that this was my calling,” says Sister Hurst, “to let others know these same things that I had discovered.” She has since created a class called GleefullyMe that will start this summer and be offered at the Red Mountain Multigenerational Center through the City of Mesa. The class is a five-week course, meeting every Thursday morning, for ages 18 through 118.

“GleefullyMe is a class for women who desire to be less stressed, overwhelmed and self-conscious, and instead, become more carefree, relaxed and confident, while embracing their own strengths and imperfections,” says Sister Hurst, “The goal of the class is to empower women to obtain strength and balance in the upward climb of life and to become a more gleeful ‘you’!”
Sister Hurst grew up in Mesa, Arizona, and is a wife, a mother of 3 boys, a writer, singer and motivational speaker. She also won the title of Mrs. Mesa, Arizona International 2017, but reluctantly had to turn it down after receiving the news that she is expecting their fourth child.

She was recently invited to give a presentation at the Tucson Postpartum Depression Coalition this past April 25th, the video recording of which can be viewed on her “Gleefully Me: Empowerment, Motivation, Inspiration” Facebook page.

For further information about the class dates, class times and cost, go to or to her Facebook page @gleefullymeElise

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  1. Hello,

    I am interested in your Class Gleefully Me about trying to deal with stress anxiety and depression. The website is not working well and I could not get a proper date or time. If someone could please email me and let me I would greatly appreciate it. I am currently a Psychology Student and stepmother of 6 kids. I have been sufferring from stress and depression and I try to fight it daily. I attend the Cullumber Ward in the Gilbert Stake.

    Thank you.


  2. I tried to look you up on Facebook with the information provided and it stated it could not find you. 🙁

  3. Hello Dana … We are actively working on improving our social media experience! You may find us on Facebook by searching for @BeehiveNews.
    You may also find us on Instagram: @the_arizona_beehive, and on Pinterest:TheArizonaBeehive

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