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New Children’s Book Released by LDS Writer, Bunny Miner

By Cindy R Williams

New Children’s Book Released by LDS Writer, Bunny Miner

Author Bunny Miner recently released her first book, TEN Little Nephite Missionaries, a fun counting book that encourages children to get to know the scripture stories better. Illustration By Cassy Burnell

After what she says was a long, somewhat arduous process, Arizona author Bunny Miner recently released her first book, TEN Little Nephite Missionaries.

A mother of four children, Bunny says the idea for the book came in 2000 when she was teaching nursery.

“I realized there weren’t a lot of books for this age group that referred kids to the scriptures. After many revisions and changes, and a lot of years, TEN Little Nephite Missionaries was born.”

Sister Miner says, “TEN Little Nephite Missionaries is part rhyme, part early math and part service.”

Together, the elements make for a fun, engaging story of 10 young people, who go off in search of ways to serve the Lord.

Each verse has an accompanying Family Home Evening lesson that corresponds to a story in the scriptures.

“The intent is to teach young children that they can turn to the scriptures for guidance,” Sister Miner says.

The book’s format, including the rhyming and progressive counting, also engages children, making reading Ten Little Nephite Missionaries an experience they’ll want to return to again and again.

TEN Little Nephite Missionaries is illustrated by Cassy Burnell, a 22-year-old art student, who will graduate from Arizona State University this year.

Bunny says her testimony of the Book of Mormon came in play when writing the book.

“I have a special and abiding love for the Book of Mormon as it was the first book of scripture that I ever read and was pivotal in my conversion to the Church.”

Bunny explains, “The book is written primarily for myself and the younger versions of my own children, basically for the age group of three to eight. I wanted the younger crowd to turn to the scriptures and learn the stories so they could grow to love the scriptures at a young age.”

“Children like the rhymes and pictures and parents love the book. I think this book gives parents a great way to introduce children to the scriptures through the Family Home Evening lessons,” says Sister Miner.

The author belongs to two national writers groups, American Night Writers Association (ANWA), which is the largest organization in the world of Latter-day Saint women writers, and the Society for Children’s Book Writes and Illustrators (SCBWI).

She says writing TEN Little Nephite Missionaries was a quick journey from inspiration to first draft, but a very long journey from first draft to publication.

“The first version of the book was, frankly, horrible, but it did get the bones down on paper for me to work with. An editor at Deseret Book was helpful in letting me know in the early versions what wasn’t working so I spent years reworking it,” Bunny says.

“The hardest part was learning the ins and outs of independent publishing. That put the whole process back about a year alone,” she says.

TEN Little Nephite Missionaries is available on Amazon and Kindle and also on the author’s website at www.bunnyminer.com. To inquire about multiple books for gifts, email Bunnyminer40@gmail.com.

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