New CD Teaches How to Change Detrimental Patterns

New CD Teaches How to Change Detrimental Patterns

Five years ago, as a recently divorced single mother, Victoria Lee Carlyle, of the Bella Vista Ward, Higley Stake, evaluated her prospects for creating income without having to compromise her children’s needs.

“I realized that the true gift I have to offer is the empathy and unique understanding I have for the struggles of life.’

She began to assemble what she knew about change and about overcoming detrimental emotional patterns and formed her company, Transformational Life Skills.

Then, in 2011, “I was given the opportunity to take what I had been doing one-one-one with individuals and implement it in a larger way when Judge Mark Anderson asked me to write and facilitate The Power to Change Training in the Mesa court system.”

The training “helps people have a better understanding of why they think, act and feel the way they do,” she says. “I believe every person, with proper knowledge and new skills, can overcome challenges that may otherwise limit happiness and spiritual growth.”

To share these powerful principles outside her classes, Victoria produced a CD called The Power to Change. The CD ($14.95, includes shipping) and a digital download ($9.95) are available at Also, site visitors can download a free a four-step process that Victoria says, “will give you the conscious ability to control your emotional reactions and access your personal power.” Victoria’s book, The Victim Addiction will be available in early 2015.

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