MIB Smith Alston K.C. Smith, Spencer Lee, Kenneth “Patricio” Smith, John Alston And Jonathan Darner, All Of Smith Alston PLC. Photo By Smith Alston PLC

Mormons In Business – Smith Alston PLC: Community Service with Integrity

K.C. Smith, Spencer Lee, Kenneth “Patricio” Smith, John Alston and Jonathan Darner, all of Smith Alston PLC. Photo by Smith Alston PLC

K.C. Smith, Spencer Lee, Kenneth “Patricio” Smith, John Alston and Jonathan Darner, all of Smith Alston PLC. Photo by Smith Alston PLC

Smith Alston PLC, located in East Mesa, was founded by Ken Smith with John Alston in 2012, a move that placed them where they could do the most good with their time and talents.

When they met, Brother Alston’s resume crossed Brother Smith’s desk at a time when his firm wasn’t looking to hire anyone, but Brother Smith took Brother Alston out to lunch and felt his potential immediately. “He reminded me of myself,” Brother Smith said.

Speaking Spanish was a requirement for the job, however, and Brother Alston learned Portuguese on his mission.

“—which is, of course, corrupted Spanish,” quips Brother Smith, who served his mission in Chile. Brother Alston was undeterred and after some years working together, the two of them saw they’d be well-suited to provide an essential service to the Spanish-speaking community of Mesa, Arizona.

Both the Smiths and the Alstons have deep roots in Mesa. Their mission service helped them serve the Spanish-speaking community of their hometown. Their work, both partners said, is like helping David battle Goliath. Getting a fair settlement from insurance companies who are poised to take every advantage and pay as little as possible on claims poses a challenge, especially when the injured person speaks little or no English.

Brother Smith talks fondly about the people he serves, saying, “I’ve had clients tell me, in all seriousness, ‘You’re the first people in this country who treated us fairly.’”

Brother Alston knows it’s not just language that loses victims financial support to which they’re entitled. Victims of serious accidents end up in hospitals, unable to travel as far as the door to their own room, let alone a law office. “Their health is the most important thing,” he says. “We need to get them well, and after they’re well, we’ll get them compensation.”

An accident, especially those involving tragic fatalities, disrupts victims’ families for the rest of their lives. The impact of such a loss is one Brother Smith knows well, having lost his father at a young age to an accident. In cases where the loss can never be repaired, Smith Alston PLC can help the victims get what they’re owed.

Smith Alston PLC employs attorneys who value the needs of their clientele. “Often people don’t go and get a lawyer because it’s cost prohibitive,” Brother Alston says.

Working on a contingency basis makes it possible for them to serve the people those who may assume legal aid is out of reach. When serving those who are so often a victim twice—first from accident and again from companies who prey on them—skilled legal professionals with integrity are in high demand.

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