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Modest And Comfortable: Finding Swim Suits to Suit Your Family

Outfitting your family with swim wear for Arizona summer survival is a daunting adventure. Photo courtesy of Ashleigh Cramer

Outfitting your family with swim wear for Arizona summer survival is a daunting adventure.
Photo courtesy of Ashleigh Cramer

I remember the story. It involved magazines featuring Volkswagen bugs, scantily dressed models and my cousin’s awesome observation: “Those ladies are all wearing zucchinis!” We all laughed.

As a mother with a quiver full of daughters, outfitting our family with gear for Arizona summer survival is a daunting adventure. For me, swimming as much as possible is how we make it through summer. For teenage daughters, finding swimwear can be tricky. For the pre-teens, it seems a little easier to find good deals along with enough variety at local big boxes. Searching for just the right swimsuit feels much like the fabled image of seeking out the needle in the haystack. Some suggestions for those of you who struggle to pin down what “modest” and “comfortable” mean for you and your family.

Shopping for “modest” and “comfortable” swimwear amid the ocean of options can seem intimidating. Fortunately, the increased use of social media and online shopping have created more and more available options, depending on what type of swimsuit you seek.

When scouting out your next swimsuit, for you or your family members, consider “web window shopping” at some of the following stores:

  • Wren and Ivory $$$ ( This Arizona-based company strives to make fashion and style easily accessible and delivered right to your door.
  • Albion $$$ ( This Utah-based company offers luxurious, flattering, and hassle-free swimwear.
  • Backyard Buffalo $ ( This online pop up store showcases individual companies and their newest items. Great deals!
  • Kortni Jeane $$ ( A Utah-based company that focuses on finding the best fit for your body and personality without breaking the bank.
  • Journey Five $$ ( Another Utah-based company that offers modest swimwear.
  • Lime Ricki $$ ( An additional Utah-based company has a mission to help empower women of every age to feel confident and comfortable in swimwear.

In Margery Bianco’s book The Velveteen Rabbit, the narrator describes the rabbit: “He didn’t mind how he looked to other people, because the nursery magic had made him Real . . . .”

Modesty, personal comfort and keeping it “real” is personally defined. May this list help you find lesser-known businesses from which to choose where modesty and your family’s comfort in swimwear come together.

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