Meticulous Mesa Attorney Makes The Best Out Of Every Case

Meticulous Mesa attorney makes the best out of every case

Meticulous Mesa attorney makes the best out of every case

By Emily Robbins

East Valley litigation attorney, Brent Bryson, takes a detail-oriented approach to his job and has a reputation for getting results.

Bryson’s career combines his passion for history, government and law and his enjoyment of the offensive/defensive nature of the courtroom.

Meticulous Mesa attorney makes the best out of every case

Brent Bryson, an East Valley litigation attorney, spent 10 years as a prosecutor and practicing commercial law, before opening his private practice eight years ago. Photo courtesy Brent Bryson.

“Figuring out how to present the best parts of your case and shoring up the weakest aspects provides a constant challenge,” Bryson says. “I enjoy the intellectual challenge; it combines knowing how to use the rules and how to serve your client. It’s the combination of those two things that make the job worthwhile.”

After 10 years as a prosecutor and practicing commercial law, Bryson opened his private practice in 2006.

Now, specializing in family law, personal injury and commercial litigation, he uses his significant experience in gathering every possible detail to make the best case.

Unlike other law offices, Bryson Law Firm offers direct interaction between Bryson and his clients. During the initial consultation he can pick up on the minute details and nuances that make for a stronger case in the courtroom.

“I’ve had clients express surprise when they saw during the court proceedings how much detail I got from them in our consultations,” Bryson said. “I am able to understand and to utilize the details they give me to emphasize the information I want the jury to receive.”

This hands-on approach gives Bryson the advantage. Really getting to know his clients and discussing their case in depth it easier to present a solid, convincing case to the judge or jury.

“The facts are more important than the law,” Bryson said. “The judges already know the law. But, it’s the details that make the difference between victory and loss.”

After the initial consultation, clients sometimes will meet with his paralegal, Mesa native Marianne (Magnusson) Korrell.

According to Bryson, Marianne is the best paralegal in the Valley. She helps with information gathering, paperwork, research and writing, and plays a big part in helping Bryson Law Firm run seamlessly.

Bryson’s wife, Julia, has been a great support as well, both in caring for their home and two children and in contributing her marketing and public relations expertise to help grow the practice.

Bryson believes his firm offers the best service for the cost.

“I’ve repeatedly had cases where we’ve gotten tremendous victories for our clients, and my bill was half the bill of the other side,” Bryson said.

The steady growth of his referral-based and repeat clientele seems to back up this claim.

“If I didn’t have people who were happy with my work, I would not be getting new business,” Bryson says. “I’m about to celebrate my eighth anniversary being on my own, and it’s just gotten better and better.”

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