Scott Cameron, With His Wife, Christine, Is Serving As The New Director Of The Mesa Temple Visitors' Center. Photo Courtesy Scott And Christine Cameron.

Mesa Temple Visitors’ Center Welcomes New Directors

Scott Cameron, with his wife, Christine, is serving as the new Director of the Mesa Temple Visitors' Center. Photo courtesy Scott and Christine Cameron.

Scott Cameron, with his wife, Christine, is serving as the new Director of the Mesa Temple Visitors’ Center. Photo courtesy Scott and Christine Cameron.

By Cecily Markland

For the second time, Scott Wallace Cameron, 67, has taken a leave of absence as associate dean of the Brigham Young University Law School to serve as a missionary, this time as Director of the Mesa Temple Visitors’ Center.

He and his wife, Christine Cannon Cameron, members of the Pleasant View 8th Ward, Provo Utah Sharon East Stake, are serving in Arizona together, as they did in 2003, when Elder Cameron was president of the Pennsylvania Pittsburgh Mission.

Elder Cameron was serving as a branch president at the Provo Missionary Training Center prior to his current calling, and he is a former member of the Young Men general board. He also has served as a counselor in a stake presidency, bishop, counselor in a bishopric and, as a young man, was a full-time missionary in the British South Mission.

Sister Cameron is a former stake Relief Society President, stake Primary president, counselor in stake Young Women and Primary presidencies and ward Young Women president.

They decided on another mission because, “We wanted to take another opportunity to serve while we still had good health,” Elder Cameron says, adding, “We’re pleased to be called to this two-year mission.”

He explains, as Visitors’ Center Directors, “We work with 24 wonderful sister missionaries, 12 English-speaking, 12 Spanish-speaking, who have a special calling as Visitors’ Center sisters. We serve, as do they, in the Arizona Mesa Mission, under the direction of President and Sister Jenkins.”

Visitors’ Center missionaries spend half their time in the center, half in their own area. They also work online. “They all have iPads and are encouraged to stay in touch with people they’ve met and teach then online,” Elder Cameron says. “They also invite people to the Center and teach them there.”

He emphasizes, “These missionaries are our greatest asset. People who come into the Center are very attentive to these young, capable sisters.”

In addition to serving as a hub of activity for full-time missionaries, the Visitors’ Center also serves as a resource for families, auxiliary leaders and Church members wanting to share the gospel with their friends.

“A lot of members bring their children; Young Men and Young Women’s organizations bring groups for their weekly activities; some bring friends in” to learn from the displays and movies or to meet with the missionaries, Elder Cameron says.

“There are so many things in the Center that are great teaching tools,” Sister Cameron adds.

Interactive displays, such as “The Neighborhood,” are particularly interesting to young children.

“The films are great too. We have 30 films to choose from,” Elder Cameron says.

“The Visitors’ Center is a wonderful resource for families,” he adds. “It’s also a kind way to interest friends of other faiths.”

The Camerons remind Saints throughout the Valley, “The Visitors’ Center is for the entire area.”

Elder Cameron says the Gilbert Temple open house has introduced many people who would like to know more. “The Visitors’ Center would be a wonderful second visit,” he says. “The Center has an entire display on temples.”

From that display along with the diorama of Jerusalem and the temples of Solomon and Herod, “People get a sense of why the temple is so important. They realize that God’s people have always been temple builders.”

Sister Cameron says in the short time they have been in Arizona, they have come to appreciate Arizona and the people here.

Sister Cameron says, “We’ve already fallen in love with the desert, with this whole area and with this beautiful Mesa Temple.”

“We are just very happy to be here and look forward to serving here,” Elder Cameron says.

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