Tina Scott Publishes Two Books

Mesa Mother of Seven Publishes Second Book Inspired by Pioneer Ancestors from Denmark

Tina Scott, mother of seven, is the indie author of two novels inspired by her ancestors from Denmark. Photo courtesy of Tina Scott

Tina Scott, mother of seven, is the indie author of two novels inspired by her ancestors from Denmark. Photo courtesy of Tina Scott

Family history takes on specific meaning for a Mesa author, whose two published novels take place in Denmark. Tina Scott, from the North Point Ward in the Citrus Heights Stake, says, “I felt really compelled to write these stories. There are so many books about the Mormon pioneers in the United States but after reading my great, great grandmother’s personal history, I thought that would make a really good story.”

Because her family had no television when she was a child, Tina grew up reading books. “My favorite place to read was nestled between the branches of our pecan tree. I was perfectly hidden and yet able to keep an eye out for mysterious happenings. That tree and I had a lot of other adventures because I also pretended it was magic and could take me aboard a pirate ship, back to Robin Hood days, or on any number of adventures with Peter Pan and Tinker Bell.”

Tina wanted to be an author from childhood but it wasn’t until her youngest started school that she was able to put her dream into action. “It resurfaced when I went to college. I loved English 101 and 102, and I took children’s literature and creative writing classes as well.”

Upon graduation from Chandler Gilbert Community College, she joined a writer’s group and spent countless hours learning the craft. “It took a lot of perseverance and practice and re-writing and attending seminars and workshops and buying and reading books on writing,” she says. She has since published several articles and two children’s books.

Her first novel, Farewell, My Denmark, was published in March 2013. Inspired by true events, it is the story of Catherine Erichsen and her family and of the hundreds of Mormon converts who leave their lives behind in Denmark as they immigrate to America in the mid-1800s.

Tina’s most recent novel, My Sweet Danish Rose, follows the story of Catherine’s younger sister, 15-year-old Berta Erichsen, who does not want to immigrate with her family to America. What she really wants to do is to marry Jens Larsen. She impulsively stays behind in Denmark and finds herself homeless and alone in her Mormon religion. She must make life-changing decisions that will determine the course of her faith, her heart and her future.

Originally written as one book with two main characters, Tina felt like Catherine and Berta deserved their own books to tell their individual stories.

“It took five or six years to go from the one book to the two. I rewrote Farewell, My Denmark about 10 times before it was finished.”

Tina has plans to include a third book in the Denmark series, with many of the same characters as well as a new one. She is currently working on rewrites and edits of two contemporary novels and book one in a Young Adult mermaid trilogy.

Tina says, “… dreams turn into goals and aspirations when we work hard and don’t give up.” She is proving that statement to be absolutely true. Tina’s books are available on Amazon.com.

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