Claudia Reeder Walters Is The First Woman President Of The Arizona Management Society. Photo By Carolyn Dickerson.

Mesa Mom and Grandmother Serves as First Woman President of the Arizona Management Society

 Claudia Reeder Walters is the first woman president of the Arizona Management Society. Photo by Carolyn Dickerson.

Claudia Reeder Walters is the first woman president of the Arizona Management Society. Photo by Carolyn Dickerson.

By Cindy R. Williams

Claudia Reeder Walters is the first woman to serve as president of the Arizona Management Society. She paved the way to her current assignment through experience in multiple careers that have spanned four decades on both coasts.

The Arizona Management Society is a chapter of the BYU Management Society. Their mission is to “Promote Moral and Ethical Leadership.” Chapters worldwide focus on developing careers, networking, serving the community and supporting the Marriott School and BYU.

However, members don’t have to be BYU graduates. The Arizona Management Society is open to all, Walters says.

“A few years ago, I was sometimes the only woman attending. I now expect to see a lot more women at our events. … they bring a wealth of experience and are incredible leaders, just like the men are.”

Walters points out that many women are engaged in home-based businesses and caring for their families. They network through their children’s schools, church callings and in other professional networks.

“Relief Society, Primary, and Young Women leaders may not think of themselves this way, but they are in management. The woman who has a voice studio in her home or is running an Internet business from her dining room is a small business owner and entrepreneur. They constantly make ethical decisions. They need a place to discuss business ideas and to think about ethics just as those who are in what we think of as the traditional workplace,” says Walters.

The Arizona Management Society’s theme this year is “Networking for Success.” Walter’s says, “It is important for all of us to create and maintain strong networks. The world of work is constantly shifting and those networks can help us navigate those shifts.”

Members are encouraged to be examples of ethical leadership in all aspects of their lives. “We ask them to be thought leaders in their workplace in encouraging discussions around ethics,” says Walters.

The group hosts a luncheon most months, with guest speakers who talk about ethics, current issues in business and other relevant topics.

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