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Meldrum Mortuary continues long history of serving families in their time of need

Opened in 1927, Meldrum Mortuary and Crematory in Mesa, is the oldest family-owned and operated mortuary in Arizona.

Opened in 1927, Meldrum Mortuary and Crematory in Mesa, is the oldest family-owned and operated mortuary in Arizona. Photo by Ceciliy Markland.

Meldrum Mortuary and Crematory in Mesa is the oldest family-owned and operated mortuary in the state of Arizona and has a long-standing reputation for excellent service and quality care for families in need.

In 1926, while in Salt Lake City to attend LDS General Conference, Mesa resident, John Jacob Huber, Sr., visited a friend who owned a mortuary in Charleston, Utah. At the time, a young man named Jess Meldrum was working as an apprentice there. Brother Huber encouraged Jess to move to Mesa, because, as he put it, “Mesa needs a Mormon mortuary.” The owner of the Charleston mortuary told Jess to take one of the hearses and to repay him when he could.

With that, Jess and his wife, Inez, packed their belongings, and with their young son, Donald, moved to Mesa. They purchased the William Burton Mortuary in 1927, renamed it Meldrum Mortuary and Crematory, and the Meldrum family has operated it in the original Mesa location, at 52 N. Macdonald, ever since.

During World War II, the mortuary had a contract with Williams Field Army Air Force Base to take care of U.S. airmen killed during training. The mortuary also had a contract with Falcon Field for the British soldiers who died during flight training. Jess’s son, Mark Meldrum, who still is actively involved in the daily operation of the mortuary, remembers being called out of school as a teenager to help his father after a bomber crashed in the desert.

Over the years, Jess built up the mortuary to better meet the needs of the families served. Originally a small frame building, Meldrum Mortuary now includes larger arrangement rooms, a 250-seat chapel and a crematorium—all on site.

“The entire staff has continually looked for better ways to serve families who have come to depend on Meldrum Mortuary and Crematory,” Mark says. “Offering choices in funeral arrangements, providing assistance after the funeral and maintaining comfortable surroundings are just a few of the ways we can help.”

One of the most valuable services offered is advance funeral planning. Patrons find peace of mind as Meldrum’s staff members provide answers about funeral costs and options, help in organizing personal records, and assist in choosing options for pre-arrangement and pre-financing.

The Meldrum Mortuary website, at, provides information and details, including answers to frequently asked questions regarding services offered and things such as what to do when death occurs. Also available on the site are helpful forms and online tools.

Staff members are on-call to answer questions or to assist as needed at any time, 24/7, and can be reached by calling 480-834-9255 (Phoenix Metropolitan area) or toll free at 800-682-8119.

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