Love Living The Summer Life: Prepping Your Style For Summer

Temperatures are climbing, and that signals the time to change style and beauty routines. Shed the dread of this season by preparing to love living the summer life. The aim is to maintain your beloved styles and fashion while also retaining your sanity. Lighter fabrics are in; long sleeved layers are out. Skin care gets boiled down to the basics, while time gets eaten up as schools release the children. Feel lovely this season while practicing safety in the sun.

Stay in Style: Shed any layers of clothing and keep the summer style simple and breezy. Cotton, linen, or rayon are great places to start when looking for lighter clothing as the heat takes over. Maxi skirts and dresses are great go-tos and can be dressed up for date-night or dressed down for swim cover for a day at the pool. Darker colors hide any embarrassingly real sweat experiences, and with the right fabric, those darker colors can stay all summer long without giving the wearer the feeling of being cooked alive.

This Super Mom looks perfectly styled with a wonderful up-do and great shades. Photo by Molly Kay

This Super Mom looks perfectly styled with a wonderful up-do and great shades.
Photo by Molly Kay

Skin Care: The struggle is real when facial sweat ruins a beloved make-up routine. There is always the option of spending more money to invest in make-up that withstands apocalyptic temperatures; however, that is often an unrealistic expense. A more cost effective solution is to find protective creams (SPF) with a color tint: light coverage with a focus on saving your face from the damage of the sun. Finding the right brand and price for you will take some trial and error, but once you’ve found a good tinted protective cream, much of the stress of the morning routine will be gone! It is amazing how much preparation time and social terror can be saved with this one change.

Pool Prep: Kids and adults crave time by the pool! Sadly, the preparations required to arrive prepared and protected often turn the pool into a dreaded or avoided activity. Many guides online can help families establish a pre-packed pool bag. With that out of the way, think about establishing the essentials necessary for you to feel great and enjoy your time spent outdoors: go-to up-do and affective accessories. Search for a great hat with a wide brim to shade skin while keeping it classy. A favorite pair of sunglasses not only provides protection but masks sleep deprivation. The right accessories can make the hottest mess look put-together. These, along with finding a swimming wardrobe that helps you feel confident, will improve your motivation to make the preparations needed to spend time by the water.

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