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Local Insurance Agent Goes to Market to Find Optimum Coverage At Optimum Rates

Carol Davis at Cambridge Insurance is ready to help her clients actively seek out the best going rates and coverage. Photo by John Power, Biltmore Photo.

Carol Davis at Cambridge Insurance is ready to help her clients actively seek out the best going rates and coverage. Photo by John Power, Biltmore Photo.

Carol Davis likes to shop.

In fact, she would like to go shopping with you to help take some stress out of insurance plan selection. As a Cambridge Insurance agent with over twenty years of experience, she is fully qualified to help you find the right insurance plan for the right price. Carol partners with over twenty insurance companies. Who isn’t tired of the calling trees most organizations use? It’s a refreshing idea to have a local insurance agent ready to help save you not only money but another valuable commodity: time.

Based in the East Valley, Cambridge Insurance is one of the largest agencies in the state. Eric Pyles and Jason Rucker are the Cambridge principals.

The agency’s philosophy is Protection With More Choices. Aside from offering assistance with insurance selection, Cambridge also offers financial planning to clients.

“At Cambridge Insurance,” Carol says, “we help you make the most use of your insurance dollar.” Recognizing the need for insurance as a necessary evil, Carol is dedicated to making it as affordable as possible while still providing the protection needed. Cambridge Insurance is ready and committed to find its clients low rates and offer plans which provide optimum protection.

Cambridge Insurance Agency offers free quotes on various insurance plans including personal lines (such as auto, home, motorcycle, RV, etc.), commercial general liability, workers comp and commercial auto. This includes insurance available for specialized assets—classic/antique cars, performance/high-end vehicles, for example—as well as custom or kit cars.

When asked why she enjoys giving free quotes to clients, Carol says, “We go shopping for you. It’s a win-win. You have nothing to lose from getting a free quote: either you find a better plan or you get the satisfaction that the plan you have is a good one.”

More often, Carol notes that during the free quote process, she finds gaps with the coverage of a client’s current plan.

“We never try to sell something you do not need,” Carol says, “and we want to provide more choices to our clients so that they can make an informed decision, selecting an insurance plan that meets their budget and protection.”

Cambridge Insurance is committed to excellent customer service. If ever a client is dissatisfied with the handling of a claim, Carol will no longer market that particular insurance company. Cambridge will also take a fresh look annually at your insurance coverage and open up the search again for the best deals. You aren’t locked into one insurance type or plan beyond the terms of the original contract, and if a better or more appropriate insurance deal is out there, Carol will find it for you and point you in that direction.

Contact Carol Davis today at Cambridge Insurance Agency, 2450 South Gilbert Road, Chandler at 480-219-8522 ext. 131. Check out Cambridge Insurance online at www.cambridgeinsureme.com.



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