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Lives of Daily Miraculous Victories

Miraculous communication occurs as we pray with faith to Heavenly Father in the sacred name of Jesus Christ and invite the Lord’s assistance each day. Then, with faith to live virtuously according to Christ’s teachings, we can employ the gift of the Holy Ghost and lead lives of daily miraculous victories.

For Family Home Evening, consider how small wonders, like these experienced by families in the Chandler West Stake, are just as vital to families and society as grander miracles.

: Eleven-year-old Rebecca Luke prays for daily heavenly aid. Photo by Robin Finlinson.  By Robin Finlinson

Eleven-year-old Rebecca Luke prays for daily heavenly aid. Photo by Robin Finlinson.
By Robin Finlinson

Eleven-year-old Rebecca Luke discovered an important aspect of herself a couple of years ago. “I learned that I have the power to influence others for good,” she said. Recently, an opportunity arose. When shopping with her mom, she noticed a woman with a cart full of groceries and offered to help unload them onto the checkout counter. A grateful affirmative reply was given. As soon as Rebecca began, her mom, who had felt unsure about offering, joined in. Rebecca was victorious over shyness and complacency and helped her mom to be also.

Last year as my son Tanner and I approached a mall entrance, we noticed that a woman near the doors was smoking. I immediately ran into the mall to avoid breathing in much smoke. Tanner, then eleven years old, continued to walk. Once inside, he told me, “I didn’t want her to think we hated her.” He preferred to abide a moment of physical discomfort over causing another human being to feel something far worse. The Lord certainly gave him a higher perspective. Instead of thinking of himself as a victim in the situation, as I’d been doing, Tanner was victorious over intolerance.

When children act under the influence of the Holy Spirit with kindness to others, they often assist their parents with a change of heart —a miraculous bi-product!

My daughter Sydney had never played team volleyball. After tryouts, she was the only eighth-grader placed on a team of girls in seventh, sixth and even fifth grade. I’ve never seen her so disappointed. Rather than quit, she was determined to participate and learn. At the end of the season, the coach awarded her a plaque that read “Most Valuable Player.” It wasn’t just because of her consistent serve. It was because of the camaraderie she developed with her younger teammates and the effort and focus she inspired in them. Sydney was victorious over discouragement…and several other things.

What would you have miraculous victory over in the following situations?

  • Remaining calm and full of faith when someone else’s immediate needs or traffic slows you down
  • Standing for truth and righteousness when encouraged to act contrary to the Savior’s teachings
  • Having energy to accomplish a task despite illness
  • Accepting undesirable circumstances that will likely not change during mortality

With aid from on high, we can overcome ingratitude, self-absorption, cowardice, irresponsibility, anger, etc. What victories has your family had today? What might you pray for assistance with tomorrow?

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