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Life With Ginger: The Social Media Star Talks Instagram, Hats, And What She Keeps In Her Wallet

Ginger Parrish, the prominent Utah-based blogger, Instagram influencer, and owner of Gigi Pip hats, has a remarkable knack for drawing people in with her instant warmth and candor. Over 213,000 devoted Instagram followers and heavy-hitting sponsors like Target, McDonald’s and Home Depot would all agree: this woman is pure sunshine.

The 29-year-old never could have imagined the effect she’d have when she started her blog, The Parrish Place, in 2011. She simply wanted to share daily pictures of her newborn son with family. Taking pictures and finding her aesthetic quickly became a passion.

“I started to get more and more questions about how I edited, so in 2013, I decided to launch a guide, an e-book, that taught people how to edit their pictures, and that kind of went crazy,” she says.

The Parrish family plays in the sitting area of Gigi Pip. From left to right: Riggins, Jack, Jon, Ginger, and Jonah. Photo by: Anne Healey

The Parrish family plays in the sitting area of Gigi Pip. From left to right: Riggins, Jack, Jon, Ginger, and Jonah.
Photo by: Anne Healey

Over the years, the blog has blossomed into a colorful, upbeat mixture of travel, humor, fashion, photography, kid stuff, and family outings with her husband, Jon, and their three boys.

Parrish credits her ever-growing following to the open-armed approach she takes in life: “I love, love, love the community we’ve created on Instagram. I think it’s a really, positive space and it’s a really big goal of mine to keep it that way. I try really hard to include everybody, no matter what their faith is.”

You might think a much larger audience would come with a much greater temptation to chase “likes” and approval from others. However, Parrish clings to a personal touchstone that keeps her grounded and at peace.

“I have a list in my wallet with six names on it of people who I care what they think . . . if I took to heart every, single, thing someone said—good or bad—or if my whole self-esteem was built off of these positive affirmations I’m getting from strangers, I feel like I wouldn’t have a lot of substance. I feel like I could be broken down real easily,” Parrish says.

Daily scripture study and meditation are a priority for her as well. “Before I move—before I even get out of bed, I just do it . . . I don’t think God knows what Instagram is,” she laughs, “but he knows it’s hard to keep it all balanced in life, and I know He’ll help us.”

If running a highly successful blog wasn’t impressive enough, Parrish has also built up an online shop (and a recently opened brick-and-mortar store) called Gigi Pip. The brand features her favorite thing on the planet: hats. But they’re more than just a fashion accessory to her.

“It’s about finding your confidence. So many women say, ‘Oh I can’t do that. I can’t wear that—I don’t look good in hats.’ We all have these different hats that we’re scared of until we just do it. I really want people to see that they bring something to this world. There’s so many things to be celebrated—so many different traits and personalities . . . No matter what hat you wear, you can come to our space, and be loved exactly how you are.”

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