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LeSueur Car Company: 41 Years and Growing

LeSueur Car Company is a licensed VW Audi Dealership and sells quality cars of over 15 different makes and models. Photo by Allison Beckert

LeSueur Car Company is a licensed VW Audi Dealership and sells quality cars of over 15 different makes and models. Photo by Allison Beckert

The LeSueur Car Company, and its owner Warren LeSueur, are about as local as a company can be. They’ve been in business for 41 years, buying and selling cars with ever-expanding services on the cutting edge of automotive technology. At the start of the journey, however, the business was a major gamble. Appreciating where they were at square one makes today’s position even more amazing.

Warren began the business with $2000, faced with making a living for himself and his wife. There was no safety net for this leap.

“We honestly started from a place where we shouldn’t have made it,” he remembers. His first merchandise cost only a few hundred dollars each, bringing in profit enough to make more investments possible. Warren learned some from his father, who bought and sold cars to supplement an income from teaching. There was little room for error. This young business had to supply a living plus room enough to grow, especially as the family expanded.

Warren and his wife would eventually have five children, and the family was involved in the work on the lot. Pushed to succeed, Warren remembers working seven days a week to keep the cars in good order and turn them around for weekend sales. His wife started taking the children to church on Sundays, and he felt a pull to make family time a priority.

The company has since continued its policy to close on Sundays, which, Warren says, has yielded a combined blessing in family strength and success in business.

“Nothing but blessings have come our way from doing this,” he says. Among them is the opportunity to work with his family. “My team of sons, nephews, brother, and employees run the business and are the reason we have such a high quality, caring enterprise. Many of them are Eagle Scouts, some RMs, and most have families.”

While the state of the company is great, its strength is in consistent, positive change.

“The only thing I do is encourage [the team’s] personal growth,” Warren says. “With this freedom they have built LeSueur Car Company, setting new records in sales and service month after month. . . . We wouldn’t be anything without all of their overlapping contributions.” The team members are united in their purpose to not only provide quality cars, but to provide continuing, effective service.

The automotive industry is set to see major changes in the coming years. Warren is fascinated with future technology, already dealing in electric vehicles and carefully watching the development of self-driving cars. The LeSueur Car Company has grown leaps and bounds in the last 41 years, and the same drive to survive will ensure they’ll be here to serve the community for many years to come.

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