Latter-day Adventures! The Cruise Lady Connects World Travel and Gospel-Centered History

Vacations are on everyone’s minds around summertime. When considering your next trip, The Cruise Lady: Latter-day Adventures has plenty to offer, especially for those looking to include gospel-centered experiences during their time away.

The Cruise Lady is the premier company for trips and destinations of interest to members of the Church. Some packages emphasize Book of Mormon topics and destinations in Central America. Others take travelers to the Mediterranean and the Holy Land, where a visit to the temple in Rome provides a highlight to the trip. Not all packages require sea voyage, and even the land tours feature knowledgeable speakers prepared to share insight and detail in scripture-centered lectures and discourse.

Photo by The Cruise Lady. Diane Larson and Steve Densley.

Photo by The Cruise Lady.
Diane Larson and Steve Densley.

As of March, Diane Larson, founder of Cruise Lady, took on a new business partner. Steve Densley was named Chief Operating Officer and is as excited to be a part of a company that impressed him as a passenger first. Brother Densley left a 20-year career as an attorney and is most excited about the opportunity “to help people learn more about world history and cultures, especially from a Latter-day Saint perspective,” he says. Several changes are planned, including expansion to their available tours, but the level of service and emphasis on providing the best in gospel-centered experiences will continue.

For those who may have never considered travel with fellow Church members, the destinations alone are designed to fulfill lifelong dreams for many members, including locations named in scripture as well as areas of the world that may open windows for family history work. Diane Larson, when asked about her inspiration for the packages, says, “We try to offer the most popular destinations that are on people’s bucket lists where we can also add church historical sites or opportunities to visit temples around the world. Our [featured] scholars also give spiritual presentations while we are out to sea. Our clients really love that experience.”

A cruise is a unique type of travel, and those who have tried it often return for more. Cruise Lady packages provide the best of cruising, especially for new travelers. Sister Larson says, “[Our passengers] like the idea of unpacking once, seeing several destinations, enjoying lots of choices for dining, and feeling safe with our groups. … We have been leading cruises and tours for 22 years. We have the top, most popular ‘headliners’ to add to the journey, and a fun, experience, and knowledgeable staff handling all the details so that their experience will be memorable and last a lifetime!”

Image by Walkerssk from Pixabay. Mediterranean and Holy Land tours are available.

Image by Walkerssk from Pixabay.
Mediterranean and Holy Land tours are available.

If exotic destinations and exclusive instruction aren’t tempting enough, international travel comes with benefits that are not as easily measured or described. International travel and exposure to different cultures and experiences have been noted to increase cultural sensitivity, empathy with others, and even personal creativity. Brother Densley shares that view, and says, “I love it when people are excited to see new places and learn new things about people all over the world and their history, traditions, and culture. I especially love to help people make connections between what they are experiencing abroad and their Latter-day Saint faith.”

Visit their website,, for available packages, featured speakers, and pricing for your next travel experience. Take time to read their blog for travel tips and suggestions!

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