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In the Mommy Zone – It’s Hard To Say Goodbye…..

It’s hard to say goodbye.

Goodbyes are so…final.

With six children, I’ve said plenty of goodbyes as I’ve submerged myself in the mommy zone trenches over half my life. Upon reflection, some goodbyes were easy, like bidding farewell to teething trauma and toilet troubles, muttering adiós to broken bones and braces, saying sayonara to strollers and sleep deprivation, and waving bye-bye to diapers and Desitin as our children grew.

However, other mothering goodbyes were more difficult, including bidding bon voyage to fuzzy-headed, sweet-smelling babies, whispering arrivederci to newborn snuggles, toothless grins, and butterfly kisses, and uttering au revoir to first smiles, first teeth, first words, first steps, first days of school, first dates, and the like.

Nevertheless, some of my most challenging, yet rewarding, mothering farewells occurred when our three eldest sons embarked upon two-year church missions to faraway lands. These goodbyes were bittersweet indeed, and I’ve yet to endure more.

Goodbyes are a natural part of life.

While pregnant with my first son, I started writing this newspaper column about the joys of motherhood, with all its wonderment, mishaps, triumphs, trials, and amazing marvels. I was totally enthralled with the idea of mothering and immersed myself in this intoxicating notion all day, every day. That was almost 25 years ago.

Back then, I had no word limits and typed my column upon an ancient typewriter, edited with Wite-out, then mailed the manuscript to my editor. But through the years, this column has morphed and grown into a living, breathing piece of my heart and soul. It has stretched and streamlined, evolved and matured into an intricate part of my being, one that celebrates an ultimate joy in my life.

My column became a diary of sorts, an honest life-witness over the years, a scrapbook of my adventurous, albeit sometimes wayward, mothering journey. I’ve laughed, learned, loved, and labored as I’ve shared my insights and perspective as a mothering warrior “In the Mommy Zone.”

They say all good things must end and sadly, my time as a columnist relishing “In the Mommy Zone” must end as well. So here I am, facing yet another goodbye.

Reveling “In the Mommy Zone” and writing a column about it for over half my life has been quite fulfilling. It’s been an incredible venture.

However, it’s hard to say goodbye, especially to a piece of yourself.

My mommy musings are far from over. I’ll continue mothering, in fact, for a lifetime. I’ll forever bask “In the Mommy Zone” for years to come because motherhood is an eternal gift, and one I will never have to bid adieu.

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